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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dream Home(s)

I don't think I've ever shared this on here but I most definitely have a dream home. Honestly, I kind of have two.. one that is realistic and one that is.. not. Both have some similar features and I've tailored them to my likes. I had a dream the other night that I was walking through the realistic one. That's what I do when I want to go back to sleep, I imagine myself walking through my dream homes. It's my 'counting sheep' if you will. I just remember in the dream that the house was fantastic.. and now literally makes it a dream home.

Take a looksie:

This is the original plan that I edited to my likes. See below :)

This is the real thing, the one I walked through in my dream the other night. I only had the pleasure of going through the kitchen and great room into the master and through the walk in closet. In the great room we would have a wall of windows and a huge back porch that is covered. I love the openness of the plan and how everything surrounds the great room/dining room/kitchen areas. I also added stairs that weren't in the original plan because I would want a basement for storage and more living space. I have a floor plan for this I created but basements are kind of boring.

Main Floor of the Unrealistic Dream Home, not so open though which is a downside.

2nd Floor of the Unrealistic Dream Home

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

10 Things :: Volume 4

10 :: Back to work ain't so bad. It's kind of a best of both worlds scenario. At least I get to work part time, some mom's don't have that luxury and have to leave their baby every day of the week. Pluses include- talking to other adults, having a list of things that actually gets done, doing things with two hands. Minuses include- missing everything between smiling and crying while i'm away. Thank you iPhone for providing way too many photos and videos for me to look at/watch throughout the day!

9 :: Easter is coming up so fast, it's this weekend! I'm very excited for Scarlett's first official holiday. I have her Easter outfit ready to wear and the Easter buckets filled (for all 3 of us, score!). I even hid Easter eggs around the living room for Scarlett to find (with assistance, haha!). Alex see's a new one every day and says, "there's another egg!" .. maybe he'll forget where they are come Sunday? I also kind of opened the tin of chocolate covered pretzels yesterday when I could not find a suitable snack after work. They were tempting and I have zero willpower in my new-found love for chocolate covered pretzels. Salty and sweet, mmhmm! Plus, Plus! Easter = Ham. I don't even care about the other candy, I care about the HAM!

8 :: Scarlett has really been teasing her father recently saying that she only wants mommy to hold her in the fake boob position (it's like she's nursing but there's a pacifier in her mouth). I hope this is a phase because although I don't mind holding her 24/7, I don't want to have anything Alex can't have. I'm sure there will be another phase soon enough where all she wants is her mommy. Stay in the future, phase, okay?

7 :: Let's talk about body after baby, shall we? I am 10.5 weeks post partum. I feel like I look pretty good for someone who just had a baby 10.5 weeks ago but as always, not good enough. I lost most of my pre-pregnancy jeans somehow (maybe in the heat of pregnancy I thought I would never wear them again?) so I only have one pair of jeans currently (don't worry, I don't wear jeans daily, I wear sweatpants mostly, haha!) but I also refuse to buy more jeans until I can fit into a size that is acceptable to myself. What is that size? Honestly.. 6 but that's far away so I'd even settle for 8! To make matters worse, I think I am one of those BF moms that BF does not help in the weight loss department. Maybe it takes longer than 10.5 weeks for anything crazy noticeable to happen? Maybe I should get off my butt more. So many unanswered questions that actually do have answers but somehow I continue to ignore them!

6 :: Last night, Scarlett slept 5 hours straight for her first session. This was followed by a short 3 and then a long 3.. the long 3 I am speaking of never really happens anymore. She has absolutely no schedule what so ever! Oh well! Keep us guessing, little Scarlett!

5 :: Once Upon a Time.. the tv show on ABC is awesome. It's not as awesome as Revenge (c'mon new episode, it's been long enough!) but it's still pretty good. I really love starting a new series late and then watching 15 episodes in a row. Makes me want to start series late all the time. I also really enjoy Happy Endings and the New Girl. Honestly, at first I thought the New Girl was silly but they've really amped up the character of Schmidt and he is the reason to watch if nothing else. Hilarity!

4 :: Yeah, so you see the blog header hasn't changed, huh? I have a picture in my head of what I want but it's really difficult to find the time to take the pictures and then edit them and then edit the bloggy stuff that goes with it. I will get to it, okay? But I can't promise when.

3 :: Why are shower curtains so expensive? It's a piece of fabric!!! It's nothing that special. I don't get it. I refuse to spend too much money on something so silly. I'm actually thinking of getting just a clear plastic one for our bathroom so that when I'm showering and Scarlett refuses to sleep, I can at least see her instead of constantly opening the current shower curtain and getting her all wet, whoops!

2 :: What is with this weather? Just choose to be warm outside and then stay that way. I don't like this in between thing because I'd really rather not wear a coat if it's optional. I know it's only April 3rd but we were so spoiled before and I can't go back, I just can't!

1 :: It's sad to say that I didn't win that giant Mega Millions jackpot last week. Every time I play the lotto, I spend too much time thinking about what would happen if I won. I go through the motions of how I would find out, how I would tell Alex, what we would do with the money. It's almost the same every time. It's a little sad that I waste time thinking such silly things. At the same time, it's freakin' exciting because anything can happen!

Happy Tuesday!

This used to be a link up but alas, it is not anymore so I'm linking up with nobody!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm a Scary Roommate

My youngest sister Julia is staying with us while she takes a class at Millersville. It's really nice to have her around since she was away at college the last 4 years.

This morning around 5am, I got up to pee for the 2nd time (which is a miracle, usually that's the 4th time). And when I went back to bed, I heard our cat Domino meowing. This is pretty normal stuff since he meows around 5/5:30 every morning (though we've been hearing it less because we shut him out). But it seemed to be really whiny meowing so I was worried.

I got up to explore and try to find him. Sometimes he gets stuck in closets or rooms with the door shut so I was checking all the rooms.

I decided to check upstairs, where Julia is staying but thought i'd check the other bedroom first, and then I moved through the Jack n Jill bath into Julia's room. I didn't know she was a light sleeper! Because she screamed and must've thought i was some sort of intruder! Needless to say, I scared the crap out of her and I felt bad about it, so much that I couldn't go back to sleep for another half hour (since I found Domino directly afterward).

So i'm the scary roommate. Lesson learned.

Also, Alex slept through the WHOLE thing. lol

Then i proceeded to dream that part of our house burned off (though there wasn't any fire) and also that we had an outdoor pool, that i didn't know about, as well as an indoor pool, that i didn't know about. And then i found lots of hidden rooms in the house filled with his grandparents old stuff. I also dreamed that I was driving a white vw beetle and i decided to get out to ski up a hill (as opposed to down, funny thing is, there were other people skiing up the hill) but when i reached the top, i didn't want to leave my car, so i had to go back to get it. That's all i remember. Crazy wacked out dreams!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I read a lot online of how some pregnant women have very vivid dreams during their 9 months. Some can be quite scary and others just super vivid.

Well I dream a lot when NOT pregnant, and i'm happy to say that nothing really has changed. I still do a lot of dreaming, sometimes easy to remember and most times not.

Last night in one of my many dreams, I met Kate Middleton. Isn't that hilarious? I have no real life desire to meet her but I guess reading and seeing her on there basically everyday has put her into my subconscious. Anyway, we chatted and she was super nice. She borrow an outfit from one of the other girls to wear and I told her she could borrow one from me next time. Again, hilarious.

My dreaming ended this morning with a british guy telling jokes about a turtle. And everyone was laughing. I didn't think the jokes he made were necessarily funny but since everyone else was laughing so hard, I laughed too. Maybe it was his accent that made things sound funnier?

Regardless, I'm glad the dreaming is normal. I'm used to weirdo dreams bc they happen all the time i'm just hoping they don't turn nightmarish. I would like to have dreams where i'm with a baby though.. maybe it'll be telling as to whether i'm having a boy or a girl!