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Friday, February 17, 2012

Loving :: F21 Edition

Just wanted to pop a couple things on here that I'm loving from Forever 21 right now.  I finally feel like I can shop for normal clothing again and it's a great feeling. Now all I have to do is pull the trigger! I didn't link them but they are all currently on the F21 site which is where I recommend shopping, the store is cool and all but they have tons more to choose from online!

 I've been wanting a blazer or two. This one and the one below would be perfect!

 A leatherette bomber jacket in dusty pink? Yes, please.

 A flowy feminine peach top. Peach and coral are in this spring, people.

 This just looks all kinds of comfortable.. and stylish, no?

 Loving. But the brown shoes with the black belt on the skirt must've been overlooked by their stylists. They should photoshop the fix. Makes me want those shoes too, but in black obviously.

I guess I'm into flowy right now. Pretty appropriate postpartum until I can get this tummy back in working order!