Tuesday, January 17, 2012

39 weeks and a Weekend Recap


Today I am 39 weeks and 1 day along. Glad to be here but ready to meet her. I think if she were head down, she would be here already. Maybe. Who knows?

This past weekend we spent time together, enjoying our last free full days together alone. Friday night we headed up to babysit my niece. We stopped by my grandparents for a visit and ate pizza for dinner. We watched Tangled. Baby girl was all up in my ribs that evening. I had my hopes that she would flip but she did not.

Saturday, I had a hair appointment. We had BLT's for lunch, yum! I hit up Target. I unpacked our lot of cloth diapers that arrived in the mail. We played ping pong. We did laundry and watched a lot of United States of Tara on Netflix. We went to the Blue Orchid for a dinner date. It was delicious. I can't wait to eat sushi rolls in full force again soon. Then at home we watched some NBC thursday tv on HuluPlus and then Anchorman. See, lots of relaxing.

Sunday, we made waffles for breakfast, yum! We cleaned up the house and did more laundry. There were a bunch of things I wanted to organize before the weekend was up, so I did that. We washed the cloth diapers and put them all together so they're ready to go. We hit up the grocery store, which I normally love but I'm loving less when I have to walk for extended periods of time. We had more BLT's We watched more television and movies. I really wanted to paint more flowers upstairs on the wall but didn't get to it. There's plenty of time for that this week.

Back to baby, she's growing like a weed i'm sure. Taking up lots of space in there, kicking me in the ribs and having a good ol' time wiggling around. I am having some small cramps now and i'm assuming they're braxton hicks. They're not painful per say but they are uncomfortable. I just hope I can make it to Wednesday when we have a Dr's appointment with the csection doctor. And then hopefully make it to Friday so that we can attempt the ECV!

Still feels crazy to have a date set on the calendar that could be her birthday, but I know it happens more frequently these days but I never thought I would know it ahead. I made the terrible mistake of watching a csection video on YouTube yesterday. I told Alex that he isn't to look at my lower regions after they pull the baby out. It doesn't look pleasant, not that it should.

We're very excited to meet this little girl. We can't wait to share her name with everyone as well, it's just around the corner!