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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let's talk about Scarlett!

Here's an update of how our girl is doing. I don't have stats because they were last taken at 15 months and she's currently 17 months. All I can tell you right now is she's over 26 lbs, her height is in the 98% and her head size is off the charts, haha!

She rarely walks, it's mostly running. She climbs. She holds our hands when she's forced to. She's an explorer to the max. She says about 40 words that we've counted and learns new ones every day. She absolutely loves fruit, especially any type of berry. She's a very good eater and hasn't turned too much down. She doesn't enjoy sweet potatoes much, but loves olives and pickles!

She still takes two naps a day and I love it. It must be all the exploring that makes her tired. If she's 'on schedule' she wakes up around 6:15, takes a nap around 9:30 (these vary in length) and then lays down again around 3:30/4 when we're home, if we're out, she's fine without a nap. She goes to bed consistently at 8pm each evening. She's a light sleeper and goes through sleep cycles often so it's not unusual to hear her make noises at night.

She gives us hugs and kisses. She doesn't generally like older people, especially if they have white hair. Sometimes it takes her 10 minutes to warm up to people she doesn't know. She plays with her princesses in their castle now and makes them hug and kiss. She pretty much makes everything hug and kiss. When she hugs her stuffed animals she says "aww!" and then I die of the cuteness. She loves reading books. Her favorite was 'Goodnight Beach' but more recently it's 'Goodnight Pennsylvania'. She thoroughly enjoys the iPad and any iPhone she can get her hands on. She really likes Sofia the First and Little Einsteins. She likes to dance so she likes the shows that sing a lot. She rarely watches anything on TV unless it's a commerical.

She has almost all of her teeth, she's missing a front lateral incisor on the bottom and all of her cuspids. She has taken a while to get her teeth so we don't expect the cuspids for a while, who knows what's going on with the incisor. Teething does bother her from time to time so we use the numbing gel (put onto her paci) and occasionally some Tylenol or Motrin but rarely a full dose.

I just thought today that I should write down some "Parent Tid-Bits" that I have, one being.. when you go to the grocery store, always park close to the cart return.. this way you can get a cart on the way in and you're close to it when you need to return it at the end of the trip. I probably thought about it more today after carrying her into multiple places while walking a semi-far distance while 34 weeks pregnant. I'll try to document more as they come up.

Overall, Scarlett is full of love. She smiles a lot and she laughs a lot. Her personality seems very fun-loving and we're thrilled that she is growing into such a little darling (who never sits still).

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scarlett :: 12 Months

Length: 31"
Weight: 24 lbs
Head size..over the 100th percentile, ha!

Eats: Still drinking the formula. We did test milk but went back to formula .. Looking back we should've just stayed with milk or a mix. She drinks about 6-8 oz about 5 times a day. On New Year's Day we visited urgent care and she was 25 lbs, height unknown! She eats 3 meals a day with snacks in between if she's still hungry, it's usually not necessary unless we're out somewhere. Overall she's a good eater and there's nothing she hasn't liked, even Ethiopian!

Sleeps: 2 naps a day, goes to bed around 7 and wakes around 6. Naps range from 45 min to 2 hours. She's a light sleeper and I'm wondering if that will be constant in her life.

Activities: well she's still walking and sometimes faster than we like. She babbles constantly but only says a couple words including yum and mama. She can clap and point and stack things, she can put things into holes so they fit and she loves music. Her favorite song and music video is gangham style, the remix one that the girl sings.

She was fish kissing her lips together, one time. It was cute but didn't happen again. She has four teeth and sometimes it seems like she's teething but then is over it after a couple days with nothing to show for it.

She can definitely understand us and decides whether to listen or not. She's generally good though and knows what she's not supposed to get into. She loves other children, especially her cousin Makayla. Instant laughs when she sees her. Overall, her mood is almost always pleasant and she smiles and laughs and is just filled with love. Sometimes you can see it oozing out of her, it's awesome!

She's been into cuddling more, hugging and kissing. Before naps we sit for a little bit and cuddle. She cuddles her panda bear and monkey and she likes to lay her head down on different blankets when she's sleepy. It's cute and also fun to see her little personality.

She's the best!

Someone turned 1!

She didn't really open many gifts herself. But enjoy them nonetheless!

She loved this quilt right away!

Just wanted to add in one picture of decor.. it was kind of falling down at the end when I took this :)

Scarlett :: 11 Months

No Stats and No actual sticker shirt pictures.. :)

She drinks about 5-6 bottles a day, varying in volume. We do about 75% formula and 25% cow's milk. She eats 3 meals a day with snacks in between if she's hungry. This past month she's tried lots of new things including having thanksgiving turkey dinners twice. Thus far she is not too picky, she eats whatever we feed her which is nice.

She has been sleeping through the night since mid-November. She does still wake up sometimes and whimper but goes right back to sleep afterward. We eventually just had to let her self soothe through one night and then she kind of caught on. She doesn't cry when we put her to bed anymore, she just cuddles up to her monkey and either chats herself to sleep or drifts right off. Her bedtime is a consistent 7-7:30pm. Her naps are pretty consistent now too, and longer than before. One day she gave me 2.5 hours. I didn't know what to do with myself! She usually lays down from 9-10am and then from 2-3pm and the naps last anywhere from 1-2.5 hours. Morning naps are generally longer.

She's been full time walking for a while now. She also added climbing to her repertoire. She can climb up on top of our hearth and stand up. Problem is, she doesn't know how to properly get down... we had it blocked off pretty well for a while but with an upcoming fireplace insert being installed, we aren't sure yet how we're going to prevent that. She babbles like a brook a lot of the time and loves to sit and laugh at her books still. She has said mama, baby and yum consistently now for a month. She likes to grab blocks that have been stacked and carry them around, trying to keep them stacked. She kicks her soccer ball and volleyball around the room a lot too.

Let's see, this past month she had her first Thanksgiving and she sat on Santa's lap which went really well. She found a snuggle buddy with her monkey which is the first time we've seen her actually cuddle something intentionally. We moved her nursery to the other bedroom upstairs for noise purposes and it's been working out so far. She loves to smile and laugh. It's so easy to make her laugh by saying "pee-yew" or tickling her. She's just so pleasant.

We love her so much!

We got our Christmas Tree!

Here is the lucky tree.. we always choose really tall and then cut part of the way up!

Christmas Morning!

Gotta sit in a tire at the Farm Show!

Scarlett : 10 Months

Weight: ??
Length: ??

We added chicken to the mix this month, hoping she might sleep a little longer at night if she had some more protein in her belly to process.. nope! It worked the first night but none following that. She's been eating the same and I asked the doctor about starting whole milk in the evening.

So far, same as usual. Consistently up at 6am. Daylight savings has not been nice to us so far.

She's definitely walking more and more. She squats down to pick something up and stands back up again. Sometimes she gets ahead of herself and tries to run, which makes her fall down. She probably walks/crawls 70/30. We chase her all over the house.

She's working on her top teeth right now. Teething is not a fun process. I look forward to the end of that but seeing teeth in her mouth is such a sight when you're used to seeing so much of her gums.

Wow, this is the shortest monthly update yet. This is due to my lack of free time and hence, the little blog hiatus I was on. But i'm back! ;)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Playdate with Aunt Julia

Julia came down this past weekend (along with Jessica and Makayla, who only stayed for dinner) and we carved pumpkins, made chocolate chip cookies and played with Scarlett. Always a fun time! Here are some picture highlights!

Scarlett doesn't like to look for pictures anymore, so this was a good capture! She's probably mid-laugh!

We were going for fall themed since halloween is over. We toasted the pumpkin seeds afterward and they turned out the best I've ever made them. 400 degrees for 15ish minutes. mmm!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scarlett :: 9 Months

Already I'm behind on these because Scarlett is 9 and a half months. The thing is, her doctor's appointment is this week, so I'll know her official weight and length. She is getting so big, I can barely take it.

Stats (approx)
Weight- 23 lbs
Height- 29"

Not much has changed since last month, still eating solids 3 times a day, still nursing a decent amount. We have let her self feed a couple of times with small chunks of stuff like avocado. This creates a mess so we don't do it too often but she's got the hang of it which is good.

Still the same.. she still wakes up twice. Honestly, i'd rather just feed her for five minutes than miss out on more sleep trying to train her. That may be selfish, but it's also what she wants. So it's kind of a win win. She does wake up pretty early though some mornings, so I grab her and pull her into my bed and we just roll around in bed for a while until I'm ready to get up. Going to bed is the same as well, sometimes she fights it and cries, sometimes she doesn't. At least she's consistent with being inconsistent?

She is practicing her walking more and more. She's probably a 35% of the time walker and 65% of the time crawler. She's getting better every day though and hopefully she'll be 50/50 soon. She has started to 'read' books to herself outloud and laugh at them. It is extremely adorable and if I can find the time to figure out how to upload a video of it, I will bc I take plenty of them! This month we went to a pumpkin patch with her best buddies, Harper and Tayden. They had a great time!

Scarlett pushed another tooth through this month, so she now has her bottom two. She's right on track with how I teethed when I was a baby.

Christmas is coming up and i'm struggling with what to get her or what to suggest others get her (if we're asked). I keep looking at Toys R Us to see the toys and things appropriate for her age but we have so many toys already that were handed down and there's plenty more where that came from. I keep thinking about one big one but can't decide what that should be either. Not to mention her birthday is the following month. Would it be weird to just ask for money to put in her savings account? Christmas is going to be tight this year with me still working part time. We love giving gifts so cutting back on that is going to be hard.

I feel like I should have a lot more to write but my mind can't seem to think right now, so i'll just leave you with some pictures! :) And to say that Scarlett is amazing and we love her tons and tons!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Sunday we did the first festive thing of the fall season, we hit up the local pumpkin patch with some friends! We took a hayride out to the patch, Tayden got stung by a bee on her tiny cheek (and i almost cried bc it was scary/sad) but luckily she was okay and we continued on our outing taking lots of pictures and choosing pumpkins! I wish I could've brought back lots more pumpkins from the patch but I only have so many arms so we chose a small one that Scarlett loves and rolls around the living room. :)

I mean, how cute are these kiddos? :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scarlett :: 8 Months

Since Scarlett is 5 days away from 9 months..... I figured I should finally put the images in here and post it before it's too late and I get way behind. :)

Stats (approx)
Weight- 22 lbs
Height- 29"

This girl loves her food. She eats solids three times a day, sometimes with an extra snack somewhere in between. She still nurses about every three hours or so as well. We've been broadening her horizons when it comes to the solids by adding Quinoa, Yogurt, and Colby Jack Cheese to the mix. We still do puree's for breakfast and dinner (sometimes breakfast has fruit chunks) and finger food for lunch. She does very well with her fine motor skills to pinch and pick up the finger foods, as long as they aren't too slippery!

Needless to say, I am still trying to do night weaning to get her to stop eating at night. We might just have to go cold turkey pretty soon. It's tough letting her cry in the middle of the night. She usually takes a decently long nap mid morning around 10/10:30 and a shorter afternoon nap. Sometimes she takes an evening cat nap, but she's been going to bed around 7 consistently as well, so usually she doesn't need the cat nap. I found her with her pacifier in the other morning so now I know she knows how to put that sucker back in (pun intended).

She's been practicing standing up, squatting, cruising furniture and balancing without touching anything. Spoiler alert: She took her first steps at 8 months and 1 day. She has done it once since then and it may have been a fluke but we're counting it! She basically doesn't sit still for very long. Always crawling all over the living room, into the kitchen, pulls herself up on everything she can. Loves to play with her diaper box. Climbs on top of it! Whew, it's going to be crazy when she starts to walk!

She hasn't popped any teeth through yet but she is super close. Month 8 is going to be the month of the tooth, for sure! She went to a wedding this month and had a fun time. She doesn't much enjoy clapping but I think she's getting used to it. I tried to take some formal pictures of her and they turned out okay, not sure if i'm going to spring for professional ones or not, baby portraiture is tough. She sat on her first lawn mower this month, it belongs to our awesome neighbors, the Kahns. I'm sure she'll enjoy the mower more when she gets to take rides on it!

We love you, little one. You are the light of our lives, your smile fills us with happiness and our hearts are filled with love for you.

Monday, October 15, 2012

10 Things

I did have version numbers attached to this, but honestly, I don't do it often enough to keep that going. Sorry folks!

But here's 10 things we've had going/i've been thinking about recently!

10 :: I've been working like crazy. Working part time can be hard sometimes because of my workload at work. Things don't slow down just because I have two days off a week. Recently, I've been staying late to finish things. This can be very frustrating/sad because Scarlett goes to bed at 7:00 and one night a couple weeks ago I only got to spend about 45 minutes with her.

9 :: The holidays are coming so fast. I'm so excited! I could write a lot more but there are 8 more things to talk about.

8 :: Pumped that fall TV is back. Mostly for the following shows: Parks & Rec, Modern Family, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Private Practice, New Girl, Grey's Anatomy.. and I can't think of any others. I did watch most of the pilots for the new shows that will be on. I watched all the "New Normal" episodes and I liked it until they did a whole political one. Keep it light, kids. Politics is not light. I thought they balanced it pretty well though, so that was a plus I guess.

7 :: We're trying to get Scarlett to practice walking and she's doing better at standing still on her own but I'm sure it's a huge learning process and learning to balance like that is probably really tough. Over the weekend she got to witness her buddy Jack walk all around and I think she actually learned something from that. She took a bunch of steps for Alex today unassisted!

6 :: Luckily, Scarlett doesn't have adverse effects when it comes to what's in my breastmilk because I am obsessed with the Hix family's Broccoli salad recipe. I will share it next time I make it.

5 :: I finally found some 12 mo footie pajamas that I have been looking for. I got them at Babies R Us, which feels like they never have sales. I also tried on some shoes for Scarlett but her feet aren't flat enough yet and she likes to curl her toes so I could barely get them on her to try to see if they were the right size.

4 :: This past Sunday we hit up a Pumpkin Patch with friends, it was awesome. Except that Tayden got stung by a bee in the face, it made me want to cry. I'll do a post on this though to show all the fun pictures!!

3 :: Last week felt like it was crazy busy. I am hoping for a more relaxing week this week. I really need to get some pictures of Scarlett printed. I also need to take her for some profesh photos to document this stage of her life since I haven't done that yet. If only it weren't so darn expensive!

2 :: Alex bought me some plants for my office a couple weeks ago. I killed the fern already. :( I forgot to open the blinds so it could get some sunlight over the weekend. Sorry fella!

1 :: I've started making some felt flower headbands from pinterest. They're turning out pretty nice, I must say! Makes me want to make one for everyone and their sister. They're just so darn easy to make! I know you can find tutorials pretty easily on Pinterest. But I might post a little blurb about it on here for the non-pinterest peeps (i would say mom, but she just got it! the app for the ipad is killer!).

That's all folks!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Scarlett's Alphabet Book

I got a free 8x8, 20 page photobook coupon for being a member of Zulilly, so I figured I would share this on here since not everyone will see it in person. 

It was fun to make, kind of difficult to think of images for the letters but it turned out well. The inspiration was from Pinterest and also Amy, from A Good Life Blog.

Enjoy the following images. :)

X was basically impossible, so I took Alex's suggestion of using a word that contained the letter instead. I am so excited to see this in print!!