Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zavier at Eight Months!

He crawls around like a pro. He pulls up on everything within reach as well which is neat but can also be dangerous. He requires lots more supervision then before and what I mean is I can't stand in the kitchen while he pulls up on the window seat area without getting nervous and staying nearby.

He has been teething hard this month and this has affected his sleeping. I have yet to sleep train him bc of this. When he teethes, his nose runs which makes him congested which affects his sleep. He wakes up more, itches at his nose and has a hard time getting back to sleep.

Other than activity and sleep, he eats solids twice a day but hasn't graduated to anything thicker than a good purée and we're working on puffs. He does enjoy the mesh net tho and I can't wait for some nice ripe cantaloupe to have for him to suck on!

He knows what he wants. When he wants out of his chair or when he drops something that he still wanted he lets us know! He wants the iPad when Scarlett has it and really likes being near her.

He smiles a ton. He's very loving. A little sweetheart in so many ways. He cries very little which is really nice too!

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