Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zavier at One Month

I kept up on Scarlett's monthly progress and I plan to do the same for Zavier. It serves as a great historical reference, especially for his baby book that I generally don't fill out on time. Plus it gives me a purpose for documenting a day in time with photographs.

I did buy some stickers on Etsy for these pictures but unfortunately, they haven't arrived yet. So his one month sticker won't be included unless I photoshop it on later.

Onto the stats and details!

Weight- 11 lb 5 oz .. (this was approx on the 15th)

Good Eats
Zavier has always been a good eater. He definitely caught on to breastfeeding fast and the only thing that can be challenging is that he is a snacker. This also lends itself to the fact that we're going 'pacifier free' this time around.. therefore I am his pacifier a lot of the time, well okay, all the time when he needs to be soothed. It truly is nursing on demand and he definitely demands it frequently. The upside to this is creating a very good milk supply (fingers crossed) as well as the weight-loss benefits of breastfeeding (again, fingers crossed).

Decent Sleeps
From day one he's known the difference between day and night it seems. We haven't had any middle of the night dance parties or play time of any kind. I truly appreciate this. With Scarlett still getting up for the day at 6 am, I get to keep our feedings at night short and to the point. We've even mastered the side-lying nursing position which is awesome. Scarlett couldn't handle that until she had more neck control.

He starts out each night in his crib by himself and I usually get him back into it a couple more times throughout the night, mostly the first 3 feedings get him back in his crib. Then he gets more noisy and it's always unknown whether it's just noise or if it's due to a burp bubble or a bum bubble (aka gas). It's just easier at that point to pull him into bed to sleep beside me. He does well and not once have I been nervous about him sleeping with me.

We swaddle him with his arms out currently. He's never really enjoyed his arms the whole way in and down so we started with elbows in and down and now we just do arms out. It seems to work for now. At night he usually just wears a onesie and then is swaddled by the muslin wrap. As the weather gets colder at night I've started putting socks on him as well. He gets too hot if he's wearing more than that.

He also naps pretty well. He takes a couple shorter ones during the day and one longer one. Sometimes the longer one bumps into bed time, other times it doesn't. It's pretty all over the place but that's to be expected. He sometimes can match a nap up with his sister so that I can get housework done or nap myself. He's a bit noisy during naps as well so this wakes him up during the short naps.

Play Time
We've done some tummy time and he seems to be doing well with his head so far. As well as can be expected anyway. He enjoys laying on the play mat, looking at the lights while the music plays. He also enjoys laying beside his sister while she giggles because his hands graze her face sometimes. He definitely follows Alex and myself if we're moving slowly in the room, Scarlett is a bit too speedy to follow at this point but he does look at her when she's up close.

He smiled for the first time last Thursday the 12th. A real, fully awake purposeful smile. Alex has gotten a smile since then, I myself have not quite yet but I'm sure I will soon.

Scarlett started acting more like herself at the end of last week. She's started playing more independently again which is helpful and she's whining a little bit less. She still whines but I think it's because she knows it will get her some attention. It's easy to tell when it's more of a fake whine as opposed to a purposeful whine. I'm teaching her to tell me when she's hungry/thirsty so that she doesn't get fussy when she's hungry bc she doesn't know how to communicate it.

I've been out a couple of times alone. Mostly to my parents which is good practice to learn how to get two kids into a building. We went to Target once. We got the special cart with the seats for the bigger kids and those things are interesting to maneuver around the store, whew! But they're handy for obvious reasons. I know taking two kids out in public will take practice so i'm trying not to sweat it. I'm trying to figure out if purchasing an Ergo Carrier would be worth it. I have an infantino one that I can use when Zavier has better head control but I've heard such good things about the Ergo. I've tried the Moby Wrap too but again, until he has better head control I won't truly be hands free. Any thoughts on this are appreciated!!

It's crazy that he's already a month old. Time sure does fly even faster with two. I'm very happy that I get to hold Zavier more throughout the day than I anticipated. I guess I figured I would be super busy or that Scarlett would be more demanding but I hold him lots! We love you little buddy!

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