Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zavier at Three Months!

Zavier at 3 Months

I don't know his stats!!! Look at his baby book ;)

He eats a lot. He can't last more than 3 hours during the day unless he's sleeping, which only happens if he's been riding in the car and gets nice and deep. I need to stay hydrated like nothing else to keep up with his appetite. One day of not drinking enough water and the following day feels empty. He's a growing boy! Can't wait for the sweet spot from 4-7 months when I can hopefully drop the rest of this baby weight and then some!

He still wakes about twice a night. Rarely it's three times but just as before he only spend about 10 minutes awake/eating/diaper change before going back to sleep. It's a smidge harder to get him back to sleep after the 4/4:30am feeding but he does go back to sleep. That's the time he joins us in bed so that I'm there to soothe him to sleep while half sleeping myself. I hope he stays immobile for a while so we can continue this safely or he can do better at sleeping from 4-7am.. Those are the only options. He does tend to fight his sleep a bit at times, mostly at night and he's very position specific. It's trying at times but I have to say I handle it better this time around than with Scarlett. I used to get pretty frustrated but now i just remind myself that, hello! he's a baby! this is what babies do.

He still talks and smiles lots. He started batting at and grabbing toys recently. He loves his hands and sucks on them lots. He loves laying on the activity mat kicking and punching around. His neck strength gets better each day, especially pulling him up by his arms, so that's good. We don't do too much tummy time but when we do he does a good job. He's been rolling over during tummy time since like 8 weeks from belly to his back. I think it's bc he would lean one way and the weight of his head would roll him over. I guess it counts if it's happened more than five times tho. Right? Right!

This little boy loves the bath. He kicks and splashes himself out of the little seat part so I have to hold him down most of the time to keep him safe. He could spend so much time splashing around and I'm sure he will have so much fun next summer with swimming and water table play! In the meantime, he'll continue loving his bath!

He loves watching Scarlett run around the room playing. She asked to hold him this month and has held his hands several times. She likes to lay on the activity mat with him and have him kick her. It's very heartwarming to watch them interact!

I thank goodness that Zavier is a nice laid back and relaxed baby. Sure he needs to be held for his naps but that won't last forever so I'm cherishing it while it does. He waits patiently for me when I need him to and he rarely cries. We love him so much!

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