Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm a Scary Roommate

My youngest sister Julia is staying with us while she takes a class at Millersville. It's really nice to have her around since she was away at college the last 4 years.

This morning around 5am, I got up to pee for the 2nd time (which is a miracle, usually that's the 4th time). And when I went back to bed, I heard our cat Domino meowing. This is pretty normal stuff since he meows around 5/5:30 every morning (though we've been hearing it less because we shut him out). But it seemed to be really whiny meowing so I was worried.

I got up to explore and try to find him. Sometimes he gets stuck in closets or rooms with the door shut so I was checking all the rooms.

I decided to check upstairs, where Julia is staying but thought i'd check the other bedroom first, and then I moved through the Jack n Jill bath into Julia's room. I didn't know she was a light sleeper! Because she screamed and must've thought i was some sort of intruder! Needless to say, I scared the crap out of her and I felt bad about it, so much that I couldn't go back to sleep for another half hour (since I found Domino directly afterward).

So i'm the scary roommate. Lesson learned.

Also, Alex slept through the WHOLE thing. lol

Then i proceeded to dream that part of our house burned off (though there wasn't any fire) and also that we had an outdoor pool, that i didn't know about, as well as an indoor pool, that i didn't know about. And then i found lots of hidden rooms in the house filled with his grandparents old stuff. I also dreamed that I was driving a white vw beetle and i decided to get out to ski up a hill (as opposed to down, funny thing is, there were other people skiing up the hill) but when i reached the top, i didn't want to leave my car, so i had to go back to get it. That's all i remember. Crazy wacked out dreams!

Pregnancy Websites

My two favorite pregnancy websites are:

BabyCenter has this thing called a January 2012 Birth Club group that has all the other people who are expecting in January talking on it. It's neat to see what they're writing about, plus some people also post pictures.

Pregnancy Today has the best (i think) week by week description of how the baby is growing, what's happening to you, etc. Even before I was pregnant I read through the whole week by week just to see what I was in for.

It's still kinda crazy to me that there's a baby growing in there but last night i pushed my hand into my belly and thought i could feel the heartbeat. Who knows if that's true. They say you can start to feel bubbles or butterflies around 16 weeks (next week) and that's the baby moving. I'm sure they'll be lots of excitement next week with the wedding!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

14 weeks 3 days

 See this bump. Doesn't it look smaller than the picture I took three weeks ago? Why yes, yes it does. The difference? This picture was taken this morning. The other picture was taken in the evening.

In all honesty though, the tum tum is growing little by little. I feel like my belly button is also turning into a sink hole and getting wider. Weird. I know.

I'm still feeling good. We have an appointment next week and i'm hoping I didn't gain too much weight since the last appointment. This week the baby is the size of an apple and next week it's an avocado. I guess it's a small apple if next week is an avocado, unless it's a larger california avacado as opposed to a haas avocado. Be specific babycenter! just kidding.

In other preggo news, there isn't any. Things are going smoothly and I feel great. I have been getting a little bit of throat burn which i attribute to what heartburn would feel like in the throat (but probably a little less intense). Tums take care of it.

So that's all folks. Oh, i do want to comment on the loveliness of the day. Upper 80's and no humidity is THE LIFE. Perfect night to play volleyball!

Monday, July 25, 2011

What we did this weekend

Friday night we went to dinner with Alex's parents at Iron Hill. After we got home and settled we watched the 4th Harry Potter. Those movies are loong but it never seems like you've just spent over 2 hours on the couch.

Saturday morning we headed down to DE, Alex headed off to Nick's bachelor party with Matt and Marci and I stayed with Laurel. We went shoe shopping, we lunched, we went to the pool, we worked on wedding stuff (so glad we could help!), we watched SALT and we went to bed. Salt was good, a lot different then I expected but good. The pool was also amazing. Makes me wish I had a pool or at least had one within walking distance!

Sunday we awoke and hung out until the guys got back. Laurel made lunch and then we headed home. Alex and I watched another Harry Potter, had tacos for dinner and just relaxed. It was a nice way to end the weekend.

That was a pretty short explanation but i'm cool with it. I feel pretty tired at the moment. The next couple weeks are going to be pretty busy which is good because then we won't think about how much longer it will be until we find out the sex of the baby. We decided we're not going to go early, we'll just wait until 20 weeks. We have plenty going on between now and then, like a wedding, buying a new car, saying goodbye to two friends, and river tubing. That should keep us busy, hopefully I can document all of those things with pictures, unlike this past weekend!

Hope this week isn't as hot as last!

Friday, July 22, 2011


I got this in a pregnancy email from

I thought it was cute. That's how i feel in the morning but not in the evening! HA!

Happy Weekend!

I hope your weekend consists of one of these:

Some of this:

And at the very least, one of these:

Because it's just so darn HOT!
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nursery Inspiration {Pinterest Edition}

Lot's of nursery inspiration on Pinterest. Probably too much! The good thing is, a lot of it is DIY and easy. Without further adieu.

{1} {2} {3}
{4} {5} {6}
{8} {9}

The bedroom that will become the nursery is currently an aqua bluish color. We don't plan to repaint even if we have a girl because that's too much of a hassle, and i enjoy the blue. I've found plenty of nursery ideas that have blue walls, as you can see above. I really like the pinwheels and the mobile with the tree branch and paper butterflies. I also like the bottom image, that i forgot to put into the collage, the genius of that is.. it's made out of toilet paper rolls that are glued together! crazy, right!?

We don't have a theme that we're going with but depending on gender we'll push it a little more one way or the other. But we'll have to wait and see for that!
Guess what, tomorrow is friday! I'm pumped!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

8 Simple Rules

I found these on a blog i found on a forum on the babycenter website. i thought they were funny.. and true.

8 Simple Rules for Being Around My Infant Daughter or Son


If we know you, please ask first.  The baby may have just been washed or eaten and doesn't need jostling or getting dirty again.  Plus, honestly, we have no idea where your hands have been and it's very important (not to mention tricky) trying to keep a baby healthy.  If I don't know you, you're not touching my kid period.


This is an extension of rule one.  It's a baby not a football.  Think basketball -- if we pass the baby to you, pass it back before taking the shot yourself.


Baby food is mushy for a reason.  It is the perfect consistency for a baby.  What isn't is a hot dog, Doritos, Oreo, hamburger, mac and cheese, steak or cheesecake.  All will be confiscated and eaten by the parents with extreme prejudice and a little bit of indigestion.


You can disagree all you want.  You can give as much advice as you have.  You can seriously question their sanity.  You can privately express concern.  However, if you correct or chastise the parents in front of the baby or others duct tape will make its way to your mouth upon future visits.


If we find out all baby privileges will be revoked.


The baby's name is the baby's name.  Respect it.  Learn to love it.  If you can't, see "Learn to love it."


Babies scare easily.  It's a fact of life.  While it may seem "cute" to you when a baby scrunches their face up and starts bawling, you don't have to deal with said child later on and it's very possible you just gave the kid a near fear to overcome.


New babies are exciting, we know that, but they're also exhausting and frenetic.  Sometimes, most likely a lot, the parents will need a break from the hoopla of everyone else being fascinated by their baby.  Parents and baby need quiet private time together, i.e., alone, by themselves, without others, sans additional people, with carbon-based units lacking in numbers around them.  Don't take offense.  It's not you.  They're just as fascinated by their baby as you are and they need time to bond which requires that, yes, you not be around.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Finds {Pinterest Edition}

I love this website. I peruse it all the time, and not just for baby stuff.. for everything. I can't even describe it's awesomeness with words, just go there!

{Adorable Hat}

{Adorable Hat #2}

{Cutie Booties}

{Ruffle Swimmy}
{And.. something for me}

Alex's mom wants to knit us a couple hats so I found some that I thought would be really cute. There's plenty more where that came from but those two are my current favs.

How cute are those booties? Apparently there's a diy tutorial on how to make them. I might just have to do that because they're adorbs.

Even though we don't know what we're having juust yet, i thought this swimmy was cute so I pinned it.

And then of course, I pinned a stylish nursing top. It's another diy and you just throw it on over whatever shirt you're wearing and get down to business.

Again if you want an invite to pinterest, leave a comment!

13 weeks!

Today marks the beginning of week 13. Baby Bru is the size of a lemon at about 3 1/2" long.

How i'm feeling: Still great. Going to start taking walks every evening with my sister which will be awesome.

Milestones: Saturday I went to Target and bought a BeBand (bellaband) and i'm wearing it today for the first time. Who even likes to button their pants anyway! I'll take another bump pic on Wednesday but I might switch it up and do it in the morning so that you can see how much smaller/non-existent it is when i wake up.

Later today i'm going to post some cute baby stuff that i've found on Pinterest. If you haven't seen this site yet, you should totally check it out. If you need an invite, I can send you one!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

12 weeks and 3 days

This is it. The first baby bump picture. This was taken wednesday night, probably not the best time due to a full day of eating.. but I feel larger than this on the regular so i'm cool with it. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to hold the camera so I took some other ones but this was the best, though i'm not loving the lighting. Unfortunately, I don't have photoshop at home and it's too dangerous to edit this at work so it'll have to do for now!

According to, the little one is the size of a medium shrimp in there. It must have tons of space to move around though because the belly is expanding at a slow pace. Slow down, belly.. I have to look at least semi-normal in my bridesmaid dress in August!

In other news.. OCNJ '11

Since this blog is about the couple.. I will tell you about our weekend/mini vacation.

Saturday morning we left bright and early to head up to Hazlet, NJ to visit one of A's college buddies, August and his amazingly sweet girlfriend, Nicole. They had plans for us to join Nicole's dad out on his catamaran sailing around the Sandy Hook bay. We could even see the NYC skyline from the water. We had a great time relaxing on the boat since the wind was a little dead that day. I'm so glad that I got to sail on a catamaran though, much fun! After sailing we hung around the boat club and then made our way to one of August's favorite chinese joints.. mostly for buns but we ended up having the best pork that i've ever had in a chinese restaurant. it melted in your mouth. ugh! amazing. After filling our bellies we headed back to Augusts house bc his friends were having a bbq. We stayed for a little while and around 6pm or so, we headed out to make our way down to Ocean City.

The drive was going great on the Garden State Parkway until we hit a massive amount of traffic that probably lasted an hour or more. When we finally saw what happened, we didn't see anything but 25+ police (unmarked and marked) cars along with suited gentlemen which we assumed was none other than the FBI all looking over the guard rail of the highway. Traffic was perfect from then on! When we arrived at the house we brought up all of our stuff, or.. A did while i spent about 20 minutes driving around only to find the tiniest parking spot known to man and then proceeded to parallel park with no assistance (scaryy!). I was uber frustrated at the parking situation and the walking of about 4-5 blocks because i got turned around and couldn't remember what block the house was on. Needless to say, I relaxed for the rest of the evening. It was a long day and the sun is exhausting.
Julia, Myself and Jess

Sunday we awoke and went bike riding on the boardwalk. I'm going to invent a bicycle that has a very large seat so that it doesn't hurt the bum after only 30 minutes of riding. I don't know why the seats aren't bigger.. does anyone know this?! After biking we had a snack and prepped for the beach. The water was awesome that day, not numbing.. which was a pleasant surprise. A and i went the whole way out to jump some waves for a while which was fun. I'm super glad i bought a beach chair to bring this year. I already got more than it's value out of it (it was only $15 so not hard). After the beach, A and I had to hit the grocery store because we were making taco's for everyone that evening. They were the best tacos ever (i say that everytime i have tacos) and there were so many leftovers that i had tacos on Monday and Tuesday as well for most lunches and snacks! We hit up the boardwalk a while later and I got some yummy gelato.. mmmm!

Mi papa with Miss Makayla

Mak playing in the sand

Alex playing in the sand

Monday we went to Corson's Inlet where everyone kayaked and a couple of us walked over to the beach spot that we normally take. The beach looked much different this year, wondering if it's due to the heavy snow from the past winter eroding the shoreline. I didn't go in the water that day, just hung out on my chair.. mostly covered by towels to avoid the chilly wind (i'm a nutjob) while i applied and reapplied sunscreen so I wouldn't burn. We spent a good part of the day there and when we got back and showered it was already time for dinner. Pork and Saurkraut. I had a couple tacos as a snack when we got back so I didn't eat much of the P&S. We went to the boardwalk again and this time I had Kohr Bros ice cream. Then we played some mini-golf where we got an inordinate amount of hole in ones. We had a good time though!

Tuesday we awoke and went bike riding again. I couldn't handle it for long though so I only went one length of the boardwalk in the one direction. We dilly-dallied around for a while before heading to the beach, which was numbing and had a seaweed filled shoreline. I mostly sat in my chair. I tried to go out to catch some waves but it was too cold. Even with 90+ degree weather, it was too much. So i sat on my chair some more and then A and i headed back to the house. We had to get our things together to leave and we stayed for a dinner of leftovers (read: more tacos) and headed out after. We made it home in good time while almost running out of gas in downington, hehe.

We had a great time. It was a nice long weekend and even though the sun/heat is exhausting, overall it was relaxing. Looking forward to our trip to Bethany Beach with A's family in August!

I know it's normal but..

peeing all the time is the nightmare i'm living. obviously i don't mean at every moment but far more than the average person.

Though i did surprisingly well on our trip to and fro ocean city, nj this past weekend.. all other times it's an annoyance that i cannot ignore. Luckily, i can go right back to sleep at night after waking 3 different times but i'm sure that won't last forever!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I read a lot online of how some pregnant women have very vivid dreams during their 9 months. Some can be quite scary and others just super vivid.

Well I dream a lot when NOT pregnant, and i'm happy to say that nothing really has changed. I still do a lot of dreaming, sometimes easy to remember and most times not.

Last night in one of my many dreams, I met Kate Middleton. Isn't that hilarious? I have no real life desire to meet her but I guess reading and seeing her on there basically everyday has put her into my subconscious. Anyway, we chatted and she was super nice. She borrow an outfit from one of the other girls to wear and I told her she could borrow one from me next time. Again, hilarious.

My dreaming ended this morning with a british guy telling jokes about a turtle. And everyone was laughing. I didn't think the jokes he made were necessarily funny but since everyone else was laughing so hard, I laughed too. Maybe it was his accent that made things sound funnier?

Regardless, I'm glad the dreaming is normal. I'm used to weirdo dreams bc they happen all the time i'm just hoping they don't turn nightmarish. I would like to have dreams where i'm with a baby though.. maybe it'll be telling as to whether i'm having a boy or a girl!

Our First Post!

Welcome to our blog, everyone! We wanted a safe place away from Facebook to talk about our pregnancy and keep everyone updated! We figured this would be the easiest way!

We'll start by saying we are super excited for our little bambino to make it's arrival sometime in late January 2012. Currently we just started our 13th week making me officially 12 weeks and 3 days.

How i'm feeling these days: Great! I've been feeling great all along, so not too much has changed since we found out we were pregnant.
Milestones: We heard the heartbeat on July 6th which was very exciting! We haven't gotten an ultrasound/sonogram yet though so we don't know what Baby Bru looks like but we should have one at 20 weeks where we'll also be finding out the sex! We can't wait for that one!

Well that should wrap up our first post, feel free to leave a comment below! And questions are welcomed too!