Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zavier at Nine Months!

Still zooming around. He can crawl pretty fast now and really knows when he shouldn't be headed somewhere bc he speeds up! He pulls himself up on everything and has even taken a couple steps on several occasions. He pushes the lion and shopping cart around with confidence so we're sure walking is just around the corner. We can wait though! He loves opening cabinets and drawers he should be opening and gives the biggest smile when I say "Zavier! You aren't allowed in there!" I talk to him the same way I talk to Scarlett, even though he cannot understand the way she can. I just don't want her to feel like I only talk to her like that and that I'm fair between the two of them. Back to Zavier, he definitely knows his name and he's very aware of sounds, especially when he's nursing bc he gets quite distracted.

He eats well. He still nurses about every three hours day (and night) and eats three meals a day. He loves smoothies or anything with a straw. He enjoys the mesh net when we have the proper fruit to put in it. I can tell he's going to have a hollow leg though bc he would probably eat more than I give him. We're working on finger foods and he does well with puffs and yogurt bites. The other day we had small bites of meatball as well as avocado so he can practice chewing. It definitely will take more practice but he's doing well so far! He's also working on picking up the foods either with his whole hand or his pinchers. He mostly does whole hand at this point.

He takes two-three naps a day. One around 9am and one around 1pm. Sometimes random naps happen at 11am after Stroller Strides and that throws off the afternoon. If we're home for both naps they've started getting longer. Afternoon naps are definitely longer than in the past. Usually an hour, sometimes more. He puts himself to sleep at night around 7pm with some gentle rocking and then a lay down. Barely any fussing unless he's a bit overtired. He still wakes up multiple times a night for comfort. I am currently okay with this though I often struggle with the thought that he should be sleeping thru the night and how I can help him do that. It's not that much of an inconvenience that I can't handle it and I know he will grow out of it and eventually sleep thru on his own so I don't mind being his comfort right now. Teething pain definitely impacts his sleep. Even when we give him a bit of Tylenol, he still wakes frequently. Bc he doesn't take a paci, I am one of his main comforts (his thumb is the other but he doesn't suck all that hard on it) so I'm not interested in removing myself as the comfort at this time.

Now he seems to be getting this whole walking thing. He's taken multiple steps on a number of occasions which is very exciting. Practice makes perfect!

I have to note in here that Scarlett is working on her potty training and she is doing very well! After a tough start bc of a public toilet being a little too loud, she seems interested in going on the potty. Mostly at home and public places, not at other peoples houses quite yet but it's early. We will be headed to the beach soon (June 21) so we will see how that goes. Hopefully traveling with the potty will make things easier. She will hopefully get used to seeing it and then go whenever/wherever. She did not respond well to the reward tactic, so what i do is after we finish the mission, I make sure she looks at me and then I praise her. I can tell she feels proud in those moments and that I'm really making her feel good. (Obv by I, I mean we, as in me and Alex but it's easier to type I).

Back to Zavier. Since his 9 month appt he's amped up the verbal skills. Lots more talking is going on and it's very cute. His first official word is Dada and he's also said dad-dy. so that's exciting! He has become quite fond of Alex and it's so adorable watching his excitement when Alex gets home from work or really just walks up to him.

Just said Mama too.

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