Monday, October 31, 2011

12 weeks left! Hello 3rd Trimester!

Preview of Halloween
 Well well well.. we're finally in the 3rd trimester. This day also marks seven months of being pregnant. Only 2 more to go!!

Exciting news! Gretchen gave me some clothes!! This should extend the time that I can wear normal clothing (her shirts are longer and some flowy-er than ones I have) not to mention she gave me some super comfy bras that I am totally taking advantage of. Thanks Gretch! That's right, my boobs are now officially huge (before it was unofficial). But i'm super excited at the fact that I don't need to buy clothes. I do however need some work appropriate black shoes that are comfortable.

Not so exciting news! I can't zip my winter coat. It's kind of sad actually. So my thought is, we'll buy Alex another coat and I will rock his for the winter. I can't bring myself to buy a maternity coat.. at least not at this point. I'm not quite that desperate yet (let's hope I don't get there either).

In baby news since this is supposed to be about the baby. She's supposedly around 2 lbs 2 oz and about 15 inches long. I obviously don't have gestational diabetes because they didn't call me with the results so she's doing quite well at this point. She still kicks around but her positioning is such that I can't feel it quite as much as I used to be able to. Laurel felt her kick yesterday a little bit.

I think I waddle a little bit. I've been a little crampy in my lower abdomen which I'm assuming is some stretching. So the tiny pain that is walking makes me waddle.. a little bit. I try to counter this as much as possible when I realize it's happening!

Whhhat else? Today is Day 8 of being sick with a sinus infection. Last night I was pretty desperate so I purchased myself a NetiPot and that seemed to work but when I woke up this morning I was back to sick and congested. So I rinsed again this morning, success again but the congestion came back quickly so I'm not sure what's really going on. I called my doctor so hopefully he has some insight. I really want to just take some NyQuil and pass out but that's not good for the baybay. I will say though, I think she's scared when I cough. How could she not be?

That's probably enough for a 28 week update, right?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My First Baby Dream

Though I dream multiple times a night, this was the first time I dreamt about my own baby. I don't remember what she looked like (though I'm sure she was gorgeous). I just remember some details of the dream.

Basically, it was a mini-nightmare but not in the way that most nightmares are.

I dreamt that people (who these people were, I don't know) were feeding my baby the wrong things. Things like water, chips, etc. Anything other than milk or boob juice. I don't know where I was or where Alex was when these things were being fed to her but I just remember coming into the situation like, "what did you feed my baby??" "Whyyy?!" and being super upset. Even though I reminded myself throughout the dream that this would never actually happen in real life because there's no way I'll be without my baby but the dream persisted and I walked into multiple situations where my baby had just been fed something I didn't approve of. I mean, in the dream the baby was only a couple weeks old!

I know why I dreamt about this. It's because I read a board on babycenter about horror stories and people insisting that babies need water when in fact they do not and people actually giving other peoples babies water (or other foods/drinks) without their consent.

I know this won't happen to me but I guess that's why I'm calling it a mini-nightmare. I'm sure people have way worse baby-related dreams so I feel lucky that this is all it was.

Story over. Back to work everyone ;)

PS. I'm still sick and it's still super annoying! I'm trying to send lots of positive vibes to my sore lymph node so that it can keep fighting whatever infection is in there. Go Lymph Node, GO!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

13 weeks to go!

Sorry for the awful picture. It was taken Sunday night, so that's my excuse. (i'd actually rather not post it but what's a bump update without a picture?)

The bump looks the same to me still, so I won't mention anything regarding it. I however, feel like I look like a whale (no comments, please, you won't change my opinion).

I do have one complaint though.. it's called maternity clothes, especially jeans. I know I wrote a couple weeks ago that I love my jeans and I still do. BUT they need to be washed every couple days because otherwise they loosen up too much and then fall down all the time. Kind of like the skinny jeans I got from Motherhood that fall down regardless of whether they were recently washed or not, therefore I cannot wear them. Irritating!

Vent over.

In other maternity clothing news, I haven't bought anything else. However, I'm almost at the end of road with most of the shirts I have because they're getting increasingly shorter and 'belly shirts' on pregnant girls is just not attractive, I totally know this. I will be working on it soon (because I have no choice left).

Appointment Update:

It went fine. I had the glucose screening. I don't know what everyone was talking about with the 'gross soda like drink' I thought it tasted fine and had no problem chugging it down. Maybe it's because I was hungry for some sugar though. After I chugged I did have my normal appointment, nothing too exciting but the midwife (I think) Lisa was very nice. They've all been nice but she was a little bit older so she seemed more like a mothering/nurturing type that the other ladies i've seen. I wouldn't mind having her deliver my baby. She told me what position the baby girl is in which was cool to hear. I was basically right though, she's shifted more into head down. Her heartrate was 148 bpm which I think is close to what it was last time. After the regular check-up I waited another 30 minutes before I could have my blood drawn with the biggest gauge needle ever. I distracted myself by having the lab girl talk to me about how much she likes drawing blood and how everyone at work calls her the Vampire. It was a good distraction.

I've been doing lots of research recently regarding delivery. So I had some questions to ask Lisa (finally, i usually don't have any) and here are the questions/answers.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of not clamping the umbilical cord right away after delivery? Her answer was that some would say that the baby gets a little bit more from the placenta by waiting to clamp it, others might disagree. I asked if it could compromise the collection of the cord blood for banking/donation and she said it very well could, which I thought would be the answer. So we'll have to weigh the pros/cons.

Why must the baby get the eye drops and vitamin K shot right after delivery? The eye drops are azithromycin and help prevent blindness in babies whose mothers may have an undiagnosed STD. And the vitamin K shot helps babies blood clot since that system is immature at the time of birth. We might forgo the eye drops.. we'll see.

What's my blood type? Turns out, it's A+ which is pretty universal she said. Now we just need to find out Alex's.. just for the sake of knowing.

If the baby is head down, does the blood rush to her head (this was just a fun question, not meant to be serious)? She said that since the baby is living in it's own little bubble, they have a completely different circulatory system then we do which means no, the blood doesn't rush to her head.

Our next appointment is in three weeks and then we'll start having appointments every two weeks until December when I think it might go down to once a week. I think all the major stuff is done though, so the rest of the visits should be fast and easy. Next week, we're going to Womb with a View with our parents as a special treat so they can see their future granddaughter on the big screen. I think it'll be awesome to see her one last time in utero and hopefully that'll hold me over for 12 more weeks until I can meet her face to face!

Last night we had our 2nd childbirth class so I'll try to post on that later this week!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Friday after work, Alex was attending a beer tasting at a friends in Manchester, so I headed up to my Grama's for a visit and then over to my parents for a visit. Quite an eventful Friday night!

Saturday morning we slept in as long as possible before Domino just wouldn't shut his meowing mouth up anymore. Alex went to work on the farm and I went to Kauffman's for apples and cider (and some other groceries) and then to JoAnn Fabric for some paint and some glue that would actually work. Later I completed one of the roman shades that you saw yesterday. Alex and I got subs (yum) for dinner and while he watched The Wire, I put together the mobile that you also saw from yesterday's post.

Sunday, Alex started early prepping his garlic cloves for planting. I cleaned the house, cut some apples (trick: after cutting, put the apples in some ginger ale to soak for a couple minutes, this helps to keep them from browning and it totally works!) and made sure all the craft stuff I had was ready for friends coming over. Courtney, Jen, Laurel and Jen came around 1pm and we ordered some yummy dominos and got down to business. We painted pumpkins (big and small) and created candles with leaves attached. It was super fun and we're planning to have 'club meetings' every month or so where we can get our craft on!

I stole these pictures from Jen! (thanks Jen!)

After everyone left and I cleaned some things up, I just relaxed on the couch for a while. I was pretty tired for some reason and there was nothing on TV. Alex came home from watching football at Dan's and while he watched The Wire some more, I took some pictures and wrote a couple blog posts and then headed to bed. I slept pretty terribly due to allergies and uncomfortabness (yep, i just made that word up). I was awake from 5:00am to 6:20 where I fell asleep for about 30 minutes before my alarm went off, lovely!

Thus starts another week, week 27 of pregnancy! Keep flying time, I do not mind one bit!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Nursery {Part 3 cont'd}

If you remember from the first "Part 3" post, this part is all about the Nursery DIY projects I'm working on.

I recently completed the mobile that we're going to hang over the changing table. I definitely cut out more flowers and butterflies then were needed but that's okay. Maybe I can use them for something else?

Basically the materials needed for this were:
Scrapbook Paper
Embroidery Hoop
Fishing Line
Floral Wire

Though it wasn't hard to put together it was time consuming. I jabbed myself a couple of times with the needle to put the holes through the paper but it's all in the name of love.

I just hope that those colors look good against the blue walls in the nursery. It appears the colors we're going with are purple (light/dark/in between), pink (magenta, light pink, maroon) and of course most of our furniture is white, while the walls are an aqua blue. We'll see how it all turns out, fingers crossed.

The next project looks easy. I thought it was going to be easy because the directions are so simple. Well, it's not as easy as it looks folks. It's not hard, just time consuming. Probably because i'm a beginner (this makes me dread the sewing machine a little bit) But since I have to make two of them, I definitely think I can cut some time off of the project with a few short cuts.

Behold, the roman shade. The color looks lighter in the picture then it is in real life (my skills behind the camera are sub-par). There is a navy felt backer which will help create a 'black out' effect when the shades are down, which is exactly what I was going for.

I used our existing mini blinds, felt, fabric and fabritac which is probably the best invention ever if you're trying to glue fabric. The glue they say is just for fabric did not do as well as this and is getting returned! Of course there was a tape measure and scissors involved too. If you want to do something similar, i found the idea on pinterest (where else?) but it links to this blog: Little Green Notebook.

I do need to train them to go up a little bit easier, but the existing mini blinds weren't that easy to get up and down either so I don't expect it to run perfectly.

Couple more projects in the works so stay tuned!

Friday, October 21, 2011

14 weeks remaining!

Monday marked the beginning of week 26!

See the bump, doesn't look much different from last week, does it?

Each week it will grow about a centimeter which will be hard to detect via photo week by week but in the end when I mesh them all together into a video, i'm sure it'll be clear that it was getting larger.

Nothing new to report though, things are still going smoothly. She still kicks to tell me she's alive in there.

The baby websites say that this week the baby's eardrums, etc are basically fully formed and she can now hear me talking. We decided we're going to sing her a song every night and see if that helps her when she's out in the world when she needs to calm down. I've read that it's possible they can associate the two so we'll do a little experiment. Still trying to choose the song to sing though. We're going to have to sing it for 14+ weeks so it needs to be one we're not going to get tired of. Born this Way by Lady Gaga sounds appropriate, right?

The baby websites also say she's the length of one of those long cucumbers in the grocery store. It also says on the site 14 inches, so that's easier to think about. She's also about a pound and two-thirds in weight. Keep growing little girl!

Monday night we started our childbirth classes. We're probably on the early train for this but I didn't want to start later when the holidays are in full swing. It went quite well. It was interesting to sit down with other couples who are going through the same thing at the same time as we are. We mostly talked about anatomy and some labor stuff. I think next week we'll be talking about the stages of labor, so that'll be interesting even though i've already read about it. We did a neat activity with a balloon and a ping pong ball.

14 weeks to go!

iPhone 4 or 4s?

I'm struggling to decide what phone I should get as an upgrade from my current phone, a blackberry. I really don't use the blackberry for email or even web, just phone calls and texts. The iPad is my primary tool for email and web, as it should be.. it's larger and easier to read/write content on.

I know I want an iPhone but I don't know if the new 4s is really something that I need. Here are some of the main pros and cons. We'll start with the cons first.

Cons of buying a 4s:
-Price.. obviously. A 16gb 4s costs $200 while the 16gb 4 costs $150 and the 8gb 4 costs $100.
-I don't really need the personal assistant Siri. I don't do business on my phone, so I don't make appointments that need to be changed/moved and I can type my own text messages.
-iOS5 is available to all iPhones.. not just 4s. So i don't need the 4s to get iOS5 and the new apps/features that come with it.
-The iPhone 5 will probably be out in a year. If i take the 4 now, it would make it less expensive to upgrade when the 5 does come out.

Pros of buying a 4s:
-The camera is better in the 4s than it is in the 4. From 5 to 8.. plus the 1080 HD video capability. With a baby coming in January, it would be nice to have the 8MP over the 5 but is it really necessary?
-The A5 chip makes it faster. Twice as fast as the 4. But the 4 is still pretty fast.. what's another nano second?

Obviously I have more cons listed than pros. I still don't know what this means in whether I'm going to get an iphone4s or not. Part of me says, you don't need it, those extra features aren't good enough to warrant another 100 or even 50 dollars. The other part says, you probably should get the newest technology. The MPs in the camera are going to be better.

Anyone have any thoughts?!?!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teaser: The Quilt

Just a teaser photo of the quilt that Alex's mom, Charmayne is making for our baby girl.

Charmayne was telling me yesterday how intensive quilting is, which I wasn't aware of. I didn't realize that after you sew all of your squares together and put the batting in and sew the back on that you have to go through by hand and sew on top of all the squares again. I repeat, by hand. I guess I didn't know much about quilting but I have to say, not that we weren't thankful for this before, we are, definitely, but there's a lot of love, time and effort going into this quilt from Grandma Charmayne. I hope our baby girl will grow with it her whole life and when we explain to her how much love went into it, she'll treasure it forever.

Hot! Peppers

For the last couple years, Alex has been growing hot peppers (or chiles). We generally use the jalepenos and serranos for salsa and guacamole and Alex puts them on lots of other stuff too.

 He's grown a few other varieties that aren't easily found in grocery stores and farmers markets in our area. Most of these pepper will never even get close to my lips because they're all past my heat tolerance.

With a lot of these pepper plants, he gets a bountiful harvest and can't decide what to do with all of them, so he strings them up to dry in our dining room. The ones he currently has strung up in the dining room are Thai Yellow, De arbol, Punjab small and Assum. Honestly, I don't know what's what in the pictures. There's lots of orange this year which is perfect for fall and halloween and also some red which will carry into Christmas. He uses them as much as he can (since I can't really tolerate levels of spice greater than a serrano) but some of them end up going to waste when they've been dried and hanging for over a year.. there's just too many to eat.

He has to wear gloves or else the peppers will burn his fingers!
If anyone is interested in trying any of the varieties I've listed. We'd be happy to give you one of the peppers to eat/use in cooking/trick your friends (though that last one could be dangerous, literally).

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Hour + Typical Saturday + Pumpkins

Friday, I left an hour early from work. Alex and I grabbed Jen and we headed to Bulls Head in Lititz for 'happy hour'. This is deceiving because they don't actually have any specials and we stayed way longer than an hour. Alex invited a bunch of people but I guess they had other friday plans so it was just us 3 for a while before we were joined by Scott and Michele and later we saw Bob and Karen. It was nice to see everyone and catch up a little bit, not to mention eat the best 'nachos' ever and split a bison burger with Alex. After Bulls Head we hung out at the McHenry's for a little bit before heading home.

Saturday, Alex went to work on the farm and I cleaned up around the house. When we got back we went to Bombergers and then Stauffers for groceries. Alex picked out some decorative pumpkins as well as some carving pumpkins for Sunday. Later in the day, I headed over to Courtney's for a little bit to hang out with her, Evander and Jen. Evander just gets cuter and cuter. I headed home for the special dinner we were planning to have, which turned out not as expected because the awesome salmon we purchased from Mr. Bill's had spoiled :(. So I whipped up some risotto and it turned everything around. After dinner, Dan and Steph came over so Dan could help Alex get the rototiller working. Steph and I chatted and watched the first 3/4ths of Bridesmaids.

Sunday, I got up nice and early to start the crock pot chicken chili and clean the house even more before our guests came over. I really don't enjoy cleaning that frequently but it had to be done. My sister, Jess came down because she needed to hit up the Apple Store, so I went with her and ended up getting two really awesome nail polish colors at Sephora. One sparkly gold and one sparkly red. I'm currently wearing the gold and i'm in love, I stare at my nails constantly. They couldn't fix her phone without an appointment so she headed home. The Hix's and Herr's arrived and we did the following: Girls- eating, chatting, pumpkin carving (i should've taken pictures, darnit!), watching the last 1/4th of bridesmaids, reigning in the men. Boys- eating, football watching, taking shots of jameson, engaging in some target shooting, being reigned in by their women. We had a great time! After they left, Alex and I got subs from Caruso's and relaxed for a while before saying goodnight to the weekend.

I regrettably did not get any nursery projects accomplished as I planned to. I am going to do the Roman Shades tonight though for sure and if that goes as fast as I think it will, I'm going to finish putting the mobile together. Because this weekend I need to get reacquainted with the sewing machine so I can start some other projects. Oh crazy baby nursery stuff!

Enjoy the week!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Crib + Baby Registry+ Evander + Football

If i had to sum up the weekend in one word, I would say, productive.

Finally, the meyer lemon tree has lemons!

Friday night, my parents came over with Makayla for dinner and to help set up the baby crib. Alex made a flank steak which was delicious and we introduced my parents and Makayla to quinoa which I think they all liked. After everything was done, I was too tired to do anything else so we just hung out a little before going to bed.

Saturday morning we didn't sleep in too much, Alex went to work on the farm and I watched Grey's Anatomy, followed by a trip to JoAnn Fabric for some supplies. I started on two projects and watched Private Practice. It's best to watch those shows on Saturday when Alex isn't home. He doesn't love them. Later when Alex got home we went to Hoss's for dinner (yum) and then watched Bridesmaids while I created our baby registry. Those things are not easy folks. Hopefully I did it right and didn't miss anything, though Courtney was giving me tons of good advice yesterday about registries so I'm sure i'll be updating it over the next couple months.

Sunday, Alex headed over to Dan's to help with an electrical project and I slept in.. a lot. I worked some more on my nursery projects. Alex came home for a little bit before heading back to Dan's to watch football. I'm pretty thankful for this because I don't generally enjoy watching football and usually when I do so I end up sleeping which is not my idea of a good Sunday, but the fact that Alex has been heading to Dan's to watch football gives me lots of time to do solo things. I went to visit the Nowak family for a couple hours and baby Evander is so freaking cute. Babies are so tiny.. it's unbelievable to me even though i've seen it with my own eyes. I also cannot believe that i'm growing one (sorry if I sound like a broken record).

Anyway, it was nice to catch up with them and get some new parenting insight. I really needed to go to JoAnn fabric again on my way home but decided I would just go later since it's really only 5 minutes down the road. I had some lunch and relaxed a little more when I got home, followed by working more on the projects. Around 6 I decided I should hit up JoAnns before they close since it's Sunday. Little did I know they close at 6. After arriving at 6:15 to a locked door, I went to the grocery store instead. I really miss having our garage door working.. it's kind of a chore having to carry 3 or more loads of groceries in through the front door instead of just in from the garage to the kitchen. Especially since I can't really carry heavy groceries for far distances. Luckily this time, Alex came home in time to help with the last trip inside. After unpacking all of that, I took some pictures of the things I was working on and wrote a couple of blog posts. I made us some dinner and messed around on my ipad while Alex watched more football or something.. soon after we called it a night. The end.

Monday, October 10, 2011

15 weeks to go!

Today marks 25 weeks (or 15 weeks to go)!

Things are still going well. I'm sorry these are so boring and that I don't have anything to report! Though i'm sure at some point i'll say, it's getting more uncomfortable.. that hasn't happened quite yet.

Things get a little crampy sometimes but I do believe that's normal considering I'm growing a human.

I did have something exciting happen on Friday though.

I got new jeans!! I ordered from Old Navy online and I freeeaking love them. Way way way wayyy better then the ones I got from Motherhood Maternity, not to mention, these don't make me look like I have a wide rear-end (or not as much). They are super comfortable and I'm sure i'll get another pair soon because I can't just wear one pair of jeans all the time (or can i?)

Let's see.. what else? Well you saw the post I did yesterday on one of my nursery projects. I'd also like to report that my parents came down on Friday and showed us how to set up the crib (we were clueless!) and it looks great. Here's a picture!

I need to do some touch-ups on it but it looks brand new with it's white paint job. Can't wait to see what the bedding looks like on it.

Next week I'll be creating Roman Shades for the room and hopefully sewing some crib sheets if there's time. I have finally decided on colors for things. I can finish the mobile next weekend too (or maybe this week) and also the wall piece I'm working on. Super pumped for the DIY things to come! (don't worry, i'll post all about them).

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Nursery {Part 3}

Part 3 is all about DIY.

I will probably have multiple parts to this "Part 3" since I have a bunch of projects going and a bunch in the queue.

For now, I'll show you the one I completed this weekend.

I saw this on Pinterest and liked it. I only recently thought about adding it to the nursery.

So here's my mini tutorial if you want to create your own.

Canvas (mine is 12 x 12)
White paper
Wax Paper
Puffy Paint
Mod Podge (or homemade version*)

Step 1, put your design on your piece of white paper, what you want to trace with the puffy paint. Since I liked what I saw on Pinterest, I just copied it. It may not be identical but I did the best I could free-hand.

Step 2, put the white paper under the wax paper and use the puffy paint to trace the outlines. Since i'm right handed, I went left to right to avoid smudging what I had already done. I probably didn't make as thick of a bead as I should've but it turned out fine.

Step 3, let it dry. The puffy paint said 4 hours. I just waited until the next day.

Step 4, peel it off the wax paper, carefully! Today, I spent time peeling and placing the pieces exactly where they would go but on the table just to make sure I had it down.

Step 5, apply one coat of mod podge to the canvas where you'll be sticking the puffy paint peels to.

Step 6, move each peeled piece over to the canvas, this wasn't the easiest thing but it surely wasn't difficult. Piece by piece I recreated the same design by staring at my original sketch.
Sorry, this is probably hard to see.

Step 7, after each piece is laid, put another coat of mod podge onto the canvas work area.

Step 8, let it dry. Test it later and if it needs another coat of mod podge, do it.

Ta dah!

This would also look cool with a different color puffy paint. I liked the white on white but it would really stand out in a different color.

*I created my own mod podge by combining one bottle of elmers glue and then filled the bottle with water, shook it and added it to the old sauce jar, then I shook that. Easy peasy. {I found the 'recipe' here}

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The time that's left

I think I might start counting backwards next week when I hit 25 weeks.

Because there's only 15 weeks to go after that.

Those 15 weeks will include birthdays and baby showers, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas and new years.

In those 15 weeks I have a lot of projects I want to accomplish for the nursery as well as obvious shopping to be done for christmas.

In those 15 weeks we'll be spending 6 of them at a childbirth class. I'll be spending another couple hours at a breastfeeding class. And hopefully then we'll know a lot more than we know now.

In those 15 weeks, my tummy will have grown to hold a baby the length of an ear of corn to the size of a watermelon. I already feel like I have a watermelon, so this is going to be interesting.

In 15 weeks, I'll start to get my body back (though i'm sure that'll be a longer process then I can currently imagine).

15 weeks from now I'll be holding a baby in my arms instead of in my tummy. I'll feel her kick with her limbs out in the world instead of feeling them on the inside. I'll hear her little voice cooing (and obviously crying). Alex will get to hold her instead of feeling her kick and punch.

I can't believe I'm growing a tiny human!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crock Pot Chicken Chili

I did not take this picture. Click Here.
I saw this on Pinterest (where else?) and it looked yummy, so I pinned it.

I put all the ingredients into the crock pot last Friday morning. We ate it for dinner that night (obv). I had two large bowls (that I really could not fit) and it was delicious. Possibly the best chicken chili I've ever had. Couple that with the easy factor and it was a hit for me (us). I even bought the ingredients at the store the next day so that I can make it again soon.

Try it, you won't regret it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Check it!

Ever spend 10 minutes shredding chicken that you needed for a recipe? Me too. I actually hate shredding chicken but sometimes it has to be done.

Well, thanks to Pinterest (of course) and whoever actually came up with this. I will never shred chicken by hand AGAIN!

Did you know you can shred chicken in your stand mixer in just a couple minutes flat?


Monday, October 3, 2011

24 weeks

This is the start of month six.

Things still going well, nothing new to report.

Lots of movement now that I can often feel on the outside.

She's kicking as I type.

Guess that means she loves my blog already??

Last week we signed up for our childbirth classes. They begin the 3rd week of October.

Yesterday we visited Erin, David and baby Addilyn. She is ah-dorable. It was awesome to hold her and it made me realize I should start working my arms out now. She slept so peacefully the whole time we were visiting.

I can't wait to hold our little sweet pea in my arms in 16 more weeks!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Nursery {Part 2}

Let's talk about furniture, shall we?

My parents were generous enough to lend us the crib and changing table from when we were babies. My niece used the same crib and changing table when she was a baby as well. (I'm aware of the current crib safety standards). They both started out a vintage yellow gold. We decided to spray paint them white. I don't have a picture of the crib yet because we can't figure out how to put it together, but when we get it together, I will post it. In the meantime, here is the before and after of the changing table.

This next piece, I found while shopping at a consignment sale with Erin. I couldn't believe it was still there when I arrived because I got there rather late and it's a very nice piece. I need to redo the drawer liners but it will definitely hold a lot. We weren't planning to buy a dresser so this is going to work out perfectly! And it fits right inside the closet.

We bought this shelf from Ikea and Laurel lovingly helped me put it together. I need to figure out what's going to go in the shelf holes but I think it's going to fit really nicely in the room overall. Plus, you can't have enough storage, right?

Please ignore the changing pad, it obviously won't be going on this.
And last but not least is the rocking chair we just got off Craigslist for a steal! It's such a nice chair. I'm actually sitting in it right now bc our computer chair is broken. I thought for a minute about painting it white as well but I just can't. Regardless of the fact that it doesn't really fit into the room, I just can't disgrace it like that. I'll be putting a nice cushion on it though for comfort, hopefully that'll tie it to the room a little bit better.

This weekend I went to AC Moore and Michaels to get some supplies to make a mobile. That will probably be featured in part 3 of this nursery series along with another craft I plan to do for one of the walls. Still on the list of things to do is sew crib sheets, curtains, a crib skirt and recover a bumper for the crib. I also want to recover the bassinet that Jess is letting us borrow. It's frilly and white and I don't really like the styling. Lots more to do but it will all definitely make the nursery more cozy for the little one.

Updated to add the Crib image on 10/9/11:

Here is the crib all put together with a little help from my parents! It looks great in the room and I'm very excited to sew the crib sheets, recover the bumper and eventually put the quilt on it. Eeeee!