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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Haven't done this in a while..

Well lookie who it is!?

I haven't done this in a while because I literally do not have time to sit a computer. Evenings are spent relaxing with my darling husband and vegging out on the couch/es together watching TV while playing with our phones, or just one of those things or both at the same time.

I'm coming back for a moment to post a lot about Zavier.

As Scarlett was growing from 0-12 months, I documented a lot of what she was doing and a lot of it is right here on this blog. I actually frequent it to see what she was doing at 6 months while Zavier was around the same age. I wanted to have a place in the cloud where this information is available to me (and them??) in the future.

So though I couldn't document on a blog, I have been writing 'notes' on my phone each month. Sure there aren't any pictures with a sticker (we started that and it ended quickly bc i'm laazzy!) and we may not have many weights, though his baby book will, I have lots of paragraphs about what he was doing each month and how he has grown.

He's grown fast. Too fast. Way. Too. Fast.

I want to put the hashtag #slowdowntime but i'm not sure if hashtags work in blogs.

Regardless, hello again, even if for just a short time while I post up to 9 months of information about my littlest babe.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scarlett :: 12 Months

Length: 31"
Weight: 24 lbs
Head size..over the 100th percentile, ha!

Eats: Still drinking the formula. We did test milk but went back to formula .. Looking back we should've just stayed with milk or a mix. She drinks about 6-8 oz about 5 times a day. On New Year's Day we visited urgent care and she was 25 lbs, height unknown! She eats 3 meals a day with snacks in between if she's still hungry, it's usually not necessary unless we're out somewhere. Overall she's a good eater and there's nothing she hasn't liked, even Ethiopian!

Sleeps: 2 naps a day, goes to bed around 7 and wakes around 6. Naps range from 45 min to 2 hours. She's a light sleeper and I'm wondering if that will be constant in her life.

Activities: well she's still walking and sometimes faster than we like. She babbles constantly but only says a couple words including yum and mama. She can clap and point and stack things, she can put things into holes so they fit and she loves music. Her favorite song and music video is gangham style, the remix one that the girl sings.

She was fish kissing her lips together, one time. It was cute but didn't happen again. She has four teeth and sometimes it seems like she's teething but then is over it after a couple days with nothing to show for it.

She can definitely understand us and decides whether to listen or not. She's generally good though and knows what she's not supposed to get into. She loves other children, especially her cousin Makayla. Instant laughs when she sees her. Overall, her mood is almost always pleasant and she smiles and laughs and is just filled with love. Sometimes you can see it oozing out of her, it's awesome!

She's been into cuddling more, hugging and kissing. Before naps we sit for a little bit and cuddle. She cuddles her panda bear and monkey and she likes to lay her head down on different blankets when she's sleepy. It's cute and also fun to see her little personality.

She's the best!

Someone turned 1!

She didn't really open many gifts herself. But enjoy them nonetheless!

She loved this quilt right away!

Just wanted to add in one picture of decor.. it was kind of falling down at the end when I took this :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scarlett :: 9 Months

Already I'm behind on these because Scarlett is 9 and a half months. The thing is, her doctor's appointment is this week, so I'll know her official weight and length. She is getting so big, I can barely take it.

Stats (approx)
Weight- 23 lbs
Height- 29"

Not much has changed since last month, still eating solids 3 times a day, still nursing a decent amount. We have let her self feed a couple of times with small chunks of stuff like avocado. This creates a mess so we don't do it too often but she's got the hang of it which is good.

Still the same.. she still wakes up twice. Honestly, i'd rather just feed her for five minutes than miss out on more sleep trying to train her. That may be selfish, but it's also what she wants. So it's kind of a win win. She does wake up pretty early though some mornings, so I grab her and pull her into my bed and we just roll around in bed for a while until I'm ready to get up. Going to bed is the same as well, sometimes she fights it and cries, sometimes she doesn't. At least she's consistent with being inconsistent?

She is practicing her walking more and more. She's probably a 35% of the time walker and 65% of the time crawler. She's getting better every day though and hopefully she'll be 50/50 soon. She has started to 'read' books to herself outloud and laugh at them. It is extremely adorable and if I can find the time to figure out how to upload a video of it, I will bc I take plenty of them! This month we went to a pumpkin patch with her best buddies, Harper and Tayden. They had a great time!

Scarlett pushed another tooth through this month, so she now has her bottom two. She's right on track with how I teethed when I was a baby.

Christmas is coming up and i'm struggling with what to get her or what to suggest others get her (if we're asked). I keep looking at Toys R Us to see the toys and things appropriate for her age but we have so many toys already that were handed down and there's plenty more where that came from. I keep thinking about one big one but can't decide what that should be either. Not to mention her birthday is the following month. Would it be weird to just ask for money to put in her savings account? Christmas is going to be tight this year with me still working part time. We love giving gifts so cutting back on that is going to be hard.

I feel like I should have a lot more to write but my mind can't seem to think right now, so i'll just leave you with some pictures! :) And to say that Scarlett is amazing and we love her tons and tons!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scarlett :: 7 months

Stats (approx)
Weight- 20-21 lbs
Height- 28.5"

She eats two meals a day, for breakfast she has cereal and a fruit and for dinner she has a veggie and a fruit. The cereal is organic and from Target, Earths Best?. They have 3 different kinds that we switch between. Her fruits and veggies have been a mix of Plum Organic squeezies and homemade baby food. I plan to freeze a lot over the next couple of weeks to get some of summers best all frozen for her for the fall. This includes Spaghetti Squash, Broccoli, Spinach, Peaches, Pears and Apples. Usually I pick a couple and mix them together like Plum does with the squeezies, then she gets lots of flavors all together!

She also nurses about every 3 hours and drinks bottles while I'm at work about every 3-4 depending on activities happening around her.

She has been teething hardcore the last couple weeks so sleeping has been difficult for her. We got her an amber teething necklace and put it on the other day and this has definitely improved her mood and sleep. She wakes twice a night to eat generally now, around midnight and around 3am and then 6 am where sometimes I can get her back to sleep and sometimes I can't. I am okay with this schedule and I'm in no rush to sleep train, despite what I may have said a couple weeks ago (not on the blog). We did move her to her own room a couple weeks ago and she has been doing well! Alex and I have been sleeping upstairs in the other bedroom so that we're close by but my sleep has definitely improved now that i'm not checking her every second (exaggeration).

She crawls like a pro now and pulls herself up on furniture. She is very brave and lets go of the furniture a lot to try to balance. Her balance is not the best but it's getting better little by little. It is bittersweet that she is so mobile. I know it's awesome and all but she's growing up way too fast. She still loves swimming in pools, though she prefers private homes vs public pools. She has been very vocal the last couple weeks and has resorted to happy yelling a lot. Sometimes we hear a "Ba.." or a "Da.." or even a "Ma..". I know these sounds barely mean anything at this point but we hear a lot more sounds unrelated to the ba, ma, da which is great!

She enjoyed the beach a couple weeks ago, ate some sand, yes and was scared of the waves when her feet were on the ground and the were splashing on her.

She is very loving. I put my head to her head and she just smiles so wide. It's also pretty easy to make her laugh, I kiss attack her like you can see below and she just laughs her face off. It's awesome! She loves hair. She pulls and tugs at my hair all day long and likes to tug at other people's hair too if they're holding her. I'm not sure what her obsession with it is but her hair is growing faster now so soon she'll have her own to pull.

Enjoy some pictures below :) 


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scarlett :: 4 months!

Can't believe this little one is 4 months old! It feels like she's been with us for way longer and yet, she's still just our little baby girl! She's changed so much since her birthday back on January 20th! We haven't had her official 4 month appointment yet, so these are approximates until then when I'll update this with the real stats.

Stats (approx)

Weight: 18 lbs (7 lb 5 oz at birth)
Length- 27" (20.5" at birth)

Update: Real Stats at 4.5 months old
Weight: 17 lbs 1 oz
Length: 25 3/4"

Eating: She still eats every two hours during the day, about 4 oz or so at a time. And wakes up once or twice at night to eat. Not much has changed in this area. We're going to delay introducing solids to her for the time being. We will re-evaluate this at 5 months.

Sleeping: She is a little cat napper! When put down to nap, she won't sleep longer than 40 minutes but her norm is about 20. She does, however, sleep for over an hour if someone is holding her. This means she takes about 5-6 naps a day. She's relatively consistent. She always takes a morning nap about an hour or so after she wakes up followed by an early afternoon nap around 11 or 12, another afternoon nap around 2, another around 4 and then another around 6. She then goes to bed around 8pm. In month three until month four she had been waking up twice a night, maybe 3 or 4 times during that month she would only wake up once. Now that she's four months, she is starting to be more consistent with only waking once but I am still up another time to put her pacifier in so that she'll go back to sleep. But it's progress! Like I said, she goes to bed around 8pm and usually sleeps until 7:30 or 8:00am. She sleeps on her tummy like she has been for a couple months now, this helps her to not startle herself out of sleep but transferring her from arms to crib can be challenging!

Activity/Skills: Whew, she made some big leaps in month three. She started sitting in her bumbo and at first she was a little slouchy but now is a pro! She rolled over for the first time while I was in the shower but now consistently rolls from her back to her tummy. She hasn't mastered from tummy to back yet, but that's actually a good thing, I don't need her knowing how to roll all over her crib just yet! She props herself up well on her arms when doing tummy time and loves to grab at her toys and shove them into her mouth. Sometimes her aim is off but she keeps working at it! If we put her on one end of the activity mat with a toy she wants on the other end she will get there. She scoots and trys to get her knees under her body so I'm sure this is the beginning stages for crawling. She is a mover and a shaker! My parents gave us a little car that she can sit in and push around with her feet. She loves it! She scoots all around in that thing! She is definitely not a sit still for long kind of girl which will surely make her toddler years fun (and probably tiring). She likes to sit in our dining room and look out at the backyard and she likes to take walks around the backyard and around the neighborhood in her stroller! She is a very smiley little girl and she likes to laugh. She follows us around when she's sitting still and we're moving around the room. She definitely knows who her mommy and daddy are when she's in a group of people which melts our hearts. It feels like she's growing up so fast because she can do all of these new things in such a short amount of time! Soon, we will start teaching her baby sign language, which she won't be able to sign back right away but will know what they mean when we do them. Then once she perfects her fine motor skills, she'll be able to sign back at us! How cool is that!?

Other: Let's see, what else. She will get some shots at her upcoming appointment, and we're not really looking forward to those but we gotta do what we gotta do. I'm looking to buy a glider if anyone has one for sale? I used one this past weekend at Alex's Aunt's house in Richmond and it was awesome! Our rocking chair is good but it can't hurt to have both, right? :) We're headed to the beach soon for Scarlett's first beach trip and we already know she loves the bath so she'll love pools and swimming and hopefully the beach and the water! This summer is going to be a fun one!

Scarlett, you are a beautiful and fun little girl. We love you so much and it just keeps growing every day. You honestly don't know how much love your heart can hold until you have a child. Our hearts are practically bursting at the seams daily. We savor the little moments we have with you as a little family of three. You're the best thing we've ever done and we can't wait to guide you through life and see where it takes you! ♥

Monday, May 7, 2012

10 Things + 1 :: Volume 5

11. The Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop starts this week. I am so excited to see what we get! We got half of a veggie share and a fruit share. Yum yum yum, organic and fresh and healthy. Perfect for making baby food, am i right? Speaking of baby food.. we got some asparagus seconds from the farm yesterday and I'm definitely going to use some of it to make baby food to freeze now, since asparagus won't be in season when Scarlett will start eating it. I have a feeling she's going to love it!

10. I'm currently obsessed with a new salad that Britt introduced me to almost a month ago now. It's called an Oriental Chicken Salad (i think?) and it is delish. I've since took it a couple of places to share and it got great reviews. I'll post the recipe soon!

9. Super excited for some upcoming trips! First to Richmond to see family and watch some volleyball and soccer. Scarlett is super pumped to meet her aunts, uncles and cousins! And then to Rehoboth Beach with friends where Scarlett will put her feet (and probably hands) in the sand for the first time. I hope none of it ends up in her mouth but who am i kidding? I'm sure it will.

8. Honestly, I'm regretting not getting the iPhone 4S.. just for the camera. The camera on the 4 is fine but I take so many pictures with my phone that the 4S would've been worth it. Oh well, next upgrade is in December, looks like i'm either getting the 4S or waiting a little bit longer for a potential iPhone 5!

7. Hoping for good weather for both of those trips above!! The weather this year so far has been interesting to say the least. No snow or really any super cold weather, which has been nice. I hope it gets warm and stays warm soon. The flip flopping and not knowing whether to wear a coat in the morning is getting a little old.

6. Scarlett will turn 4 months on the 20th and I'll do a whole post on it but one big thing she did a couple weeks ago was she rolled over! First huge milestone accomplished! We also hope that at her 4 month dr appointment we'll be able to start some kind of solids. Maybe then she'll consistently sleep longer at night!? :)

5. Alex got a charcoal grill for his birthday and let me just say, food cooked on a charcoal grill really does taste better. It's kinda crazy but so so yummy. Alex is looking for any and every opportunity to use it. I see lots of backyard cookouts in our future for this summer!

4. Post baby bod update. The weight is coming off.. slowly but surely. I'm trying not to rush it but the last couple of weeks I've been trying to eat healthier and that killer salad in #10 has been helping! I try to take walks on my days off with Scarlett and starting this week I'm going to try to get a pilates sesh in everyday. My core is definitely in need of some toning.

3. Speaking of post baby bod.. I'm gonna need some new swim suits for this year. More mom-appropriate but also stylish. I think I might have to search pinterest for this. These days I search pinterest for everything!

2. Mothers day is this coming weekend! My first official, baby outside the womb mothers day, since last mothers day I was pregnant but didn't know it. We're excited to spend the day together doing lots of fun things! A yummy breakfast, maybe a picnic lunch.. fun!

1. This blog design still needs a lot of work and I'm working on it when I get a chance. I need to look into the coding of some other blogs I follow to see how they get things arranged so nicely because I don't really like the spacing on the right between the different pages. I should really just hire someone for a new design.. I'll be pondering that now.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scarlett's Birth Story {part 2}

I'll just dive right into part two, okay? Okay.

(Read Part 1: click here)


The surgery nurse came to get us a little after 6pm. I can't explain how surreal it was walking to an operating room, let alone walking to an operating room where our daughter would soon be born. I tried to soak up the last minutes of my pregnancy during that final waddle down different hallways until we arrived. Alex had to sit outside in the hallway while I went in and got the spinal anesthesia. I don't know what he was thinking out there, probably the same thing I was thinking in the OR, this is crazy. I walk in and they instruct me to sit up on the operating table. The room is very clean and bright. There are maybe 10 people in there, prepping/doing whatever their job in there is. It looked so cold but it didn't feel cold that I can remember. Anyway, I sit on the table and hunch over so they have good access to my spine. I get the shot of whatever numbing agent they used (didn't hurt) and then they put in the spinal shot (didn't feel it). All of a sudden, my legs get very warm. I can still move them at this point, so I lay down. My blood pressure then dropped a little too low and made me nauseous. I tell them. They put something smelly over my nose (probably so I don't ralph) and put some medicine in my IV. Then I get oxygen in my nose. That was kind of neat because I don't think I've ever had that before. Mmm fresh oxygen. Anyway, they put up the curtain and get me all prepped (i'm assuming, since I can't see anything) and then they finally bring Alex in.

Scarlett Elyse Brubaker

He sits at my head. He has the camera. I told him to take a picture of me laying there but he wouldn't. Maybe I looked scary? My arms were stretched out to the sides and he held my left one (the one closest to him). We waited and talked a little bit about how we were about to meet our daughter. We listened to Dr. Rapp talking/explaining a couple things to the resident who was observing. They have such normal conversations during surgery. I heard her ask where he was from.. it was out of state. The next thing we know, Dr. Rapp is holding up our baby girl above the curtain so that we can see her. Alex and I shared a look where we knew exactly what each other was thinking, we couldn't believe it. We made a baby and she was here. Alex said she was crying. I don't remember that she was. They whisked her over to the corner where they weighed her and measured her and got all the gunk out of her airways. I laid there while they finished up whatever they were doing to me, staring into the corner of the room where Alex was. I watched him cut the umbilical cord. Alex brought her over for a second so that I could kiss her tiny cheek. She was perfect! It didn't take long before I was all closed up and ready to roll to recovery. Alex and Scarlett weren't far behind.

Look at that cutie!

We spent the next hour or so in recovery where they monitored me and the baby. We waited for feeling to come back to my legs. I couldn't believe how heavy they felt and how no matter how I tried I couldn't move them. Every couple of minutes, the blood pressure cuff would inflate, they would press on my stomach to make sure my uterus was contracting down and every couple of minutes the nurses would touch different parts of my legs to see if I could feel it. Scarlett was over on the right hand side of me now being monitored. For what, I'm not exactly sure. That is also where they gave her the vitamin K shot and put that stuff on her eyes, but i didn't even notice when I held her for the first time maybe 15 minutes later when I could sit up a little more. One thing I did was touch my stomach area and I thought, holy crap! I'm not pregnant anymore! I can feel my rib cage!

Tiny perfection!

When I could start to feel more in my legs and they were done assessing Scarlett we could finally move to couplet care and the room we'd be in for the next 3 days. After being rolled there, they transferred me to the bed since I still couldn't move my legs and continued to monitor my blood pressure and testing the feeling in my legs. By this time it was about 8:30pm. I held Scarlett while Alex went to get our parents from the waiting room. They were quite worried at this point since we told them we thought we'd be done an hour sooner than it was. They all spent some time holding their new granddaughter. Alex took pictures. We texted friends and family to share the news. Our baby had arrived and we were settled into our room!

Our little family of three!
I was a little cloudy from the pain meds they had my dosed on (morphine) and soon I was off of that. I feel like I don't remember everything clearly though due to the meds. The pain at that point wasn't too bad  and the worse part would come later when I would try percoset, which made me sick. There is nothing worse than ralphing after a csection. Just imagine how many of your stomach muscles it takes.. that right there was the worst pain I felt. I got sick two different times. Not fun. The night was spent nursing and being checked every hour. We watched the nurse give Scarlett her first bath. She got her first Hep B vaccine and didn't cry and also got her heel pricked for genetic testing and didn't wince. What a strong little girl. I bet she was missing her little water world, but we told her before the csection happened to get ready for the shock of a lifetime. I also just want to say that all the nurses and aides we had during our stay were awesome. My favorite nurse was a night nurse named Jen, she was there two nights. She had a good sense of humor. But all the nurses were very helpful and nice. Woman's and Babies rocks!

The rest of the time in the hospital was filled with relaxation and visitors. We were adjusting to the new little one that would now be depending on us for everything she needs. We kept talking about how crazy it was that she was finally here and that we actually got to take her home after all of this. The nights were pretty sleepless but we weren't exhausted. I was up and moving around in no time. The nurses and staff were pretty impressed that I was recovering so quickly. I couldn't just lay in bed for 3 days though, it was nice to have the option of moving around the room.

Stats from her Bassinet. Check out that head size!

We had Scarlett on Friday, January 20th, 2012 at 6:30pm. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20.5" long. We got to go home on Monday the 23rd, my original due date. And we've been loving being parents ever since! My recovery has been great, I was able to stop the ibuprofen a couple days after arriving home. The thing that hurt the worst was laughing, who would've thought! I had to have Alex turn off an episode of Parks and Recreation because I was in so much pain!

Overall, I had a great experience. I'm not disappointed that I didn't get to experience natural labor and I look forward to that for our next pregnancy if our next baby isn't breech. I feel like we were extremely prepared for the csection mentally which helped. I was prepared for the worst in terms of recovery for myself and it ended up going better than I thought it could've. I think I got lucky. I will say that we're not as exhausted as people told us we would be. We're quite lucky that Alex has so many weeks off work to be home during this amazing time. We still look at Scarlett and find it nutso that we made a baby and I grew it for us with my body. She is so beautiful. We can't wait to see what her life holds. We plan to do everything in our power to make sure she is happy.

Ahh, life. You are too sweet.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scarlett's Birth Story {part 1}

After a 2 week hiatus to heal after having little baby Scarlett, I'm back. I figured I'd just go right into her birth story since that's usually the thing I want to read/hear about when someone has a baby. I'll start at the beginning, hence the 'part 1' in the title.


We spent Thursday night relaxing with each other, talking about what it would be like if we did end up having a baby the next day. We didn't have anything special for dinner, Alex just whipped up something easy and delicious. This was also the last good sleep we were going to get for a while and we took advantage of it.

The last photo of me pregnant. 39 weeks 4 days.

We spent the morning prepping and packing in case we wouldn't be coming home that day. Everything was cleaned and in order. I wasn't allowed to eat but did get to enjoy a small 8 oz glass of water.. yumm! We arrived at Women's and Babies hospital at 11:30am which is conveniently only 10 minutes from our house.  We went to Triage to get checked in. The ECV was scheduled for 12:00pm. After check-in, we were taken to a small room where I was hooked up to the monitors for the baby's heartrate and my (non-existent) contractions. They needed to monitor for 30 minutes. Feels like we waited 45!

The ultrasound tech came in to do the final scan to determine whether the ECV was even possible. She was very nice and even tried to show us Scarlett's face, it was pretty smushed in there at this point. We wait another 15-20 minutes as the Doctor reviews the scans. A nurse returns and tells us that the ECV will not be possible and we'd be having a csection. We were prepared for this. Honestly, I think we were both hoping for it at that point.. we were so prepared to have a baby that day, going home would've been disappointing.

Trying to wait patiently.

Okay, okay.. I guess this is the last picture of me pregnant!
So we were on our way to Day Surgery Waiting so that I could get prepped for surgery. This included getting blood drawn, getting an IV and 2 bags of fluid in me since I hadn't eaten since 8pm the night before at it was now after 1pm. We sat in an even tinier room watching TV waiting for the csection which was scheduled for 4pm. Alex headed out to have lunch while he still could while I got my IV and blood taken. Sidebar: The nurse there asked me if he came from work because he was dressed in khaki's and a button down tucked in. I told her no, that he just likes to dress nicely. Meanwhile, I sat arrived for the day in sweatpants and slippers. When he got back we were informed that our Doctor was running behind schedule and our csection would be pushed to 5:30pm. We called our parents and let them know. We tried to gauge what time we thought we would be done and back in couplet care.

Doctor Rapp's initials so they know who is supposed to cut me!
Alex in his scrubs, ready to meet our baby girl.
We met with different doctors during our wait, the anesthesiologist, the surgery nurse, a resident who would be observing, and Dr Rapp who would be doing the surgery. Everyone was super nice and Alex and I were ready to get things moving. Alex got his scrub jumpsuit on. 5:30 came and went. Soon it was 6:00pm and we were wondering if they would ever come get us so we could have a baby. A little after 6:00 the surgery nurse arrived.. luckily too because we were getting very anxious.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

Friday, January 13, 2012


I have been totally MIA recently, with the blog and with real life people. I would apologize but I'm not that sorry. I know you all don't mind. Things have been busy and we're getting ready for our life change.

This past week has probably been the busiest week at work that I've experienced in a while.

There's a lot of prep that goes into preparing to leave for 6-8 weeks and I want to get as much done as I can. This has had me staying late a couple nights this week which I don't like doing but were necessary to keep up with the pace of the work. It's finally Friday. I've finally had some time to complete things on my to do list which feels great! I plan to get a bunch of things checked off this afternoon as well.

It's crazy that another week has flown by so quickly. Sometimes it's easy to forget that I'm a week away from my due date. That next week at this time we'll know whether we'll have to go for the csection or not. I had a phone call at lunch that went over the process of the csection, in terms of anesthesia, which was interesting and made it a little more real, even though we won't know until next Friday if it's a definite.

Our weeknights have been very relaxed which I am thankful for after a long days work. Alex has been amazing, cooking dinner every night and then cleaning it up as well. He's the best! Not to mention he makes really delicious meals. I feel like there are things that I should be doing in the evening (baby related things) but there isn't very much. This weekend I will probably finish painting in the nursery and then I can finally show you what it looks like. And I will pick up a couple of last minute things that we need, like a going home outfit.

We're ready for her to make her debut! We can't wait to meet her and bring her home! I'm still in a bit of denial that she's real, even though she's constantly reminding me with kicks and head bobs. I know she'll be the most beautiful thing we've ever seen.

Life, you are about to change.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

6 weeks to go!

Yesterday was officially 34 weeks!

I'm feeling good and my throat burn has subsided a bit since Friday, which is a relief. I think baby girl has changed positions though and the doctor should be able to tell me in a little bit at my appointment. I will update this afterward.

UPDATE: I was right. Baby girl is currently breech. The midwife gave me some positions to get her to move around and in two weeks when I go back they'll do an ultrasound to see where she is. This of course negates the need to ask why, again (mentioned in the paragraph below). I'm not currently going to worry about her being breech and i'll save that for two weeks from now if she still is. All I can do is encourage her to turn and remember that there is plenty of time for this to happen :) I really liked the midwife I saw today, Claire. She was very nice and informative and personable. Send good baby turning vibes my way over the next two weeks! We want this little one to be head down!

From what the websites say, she's about 4 3/4 pounds and about 18 inches long. I didn't ask last time why they don't do a final ultrasound but I think I might attempt that again today. Just to know about the umbilical cord and where it's located. That's really the only thing that I'm worried about (unless of course she becomes breech in the next 6 weeks).

Looks like I have a watermelon in there!
The bump is getting bigger but doesn't feel overly huge yet. Sleeping is a bit of a pain and I'm getting bored sleeping on my sides. I've experienced some of the leg cramps (mostly in my calf muscles.... even though i'm positive there aren't any actual muscles there) that have woken me up in the middle of the night or early morning and forced me to stand up to correct/relax them. Other issues are bending over to put on socks and shoes (even while sitting it's difficult) and climbing into my car is tricky at times.

This past Sunday we had our baby shower thrown by my mother. She is amazing. She made all of the food (which was a lot) and has done so much for us throughout this process. I hope I can be half the mother she is! My sisters helped as well which was nice too. They're the best!

Alex did not accompany me but he felt the blessings when I returned home with a car packed with baby goods. I had such a nice time seeing everyone. I wish I would've had more time to go around and chat with people though. Everything moved so quickly. I have decided that I really enjoy organizing and throwing such parties but I don't really enjoy being the focal point of them. It was a lot to have everyone (or almost everyone) looking at me while opening a million gifts. I do thank everyone for coming though, it was very special to have everyone there and I just know that baby brubaker will be loved by so many people!

Here are some pictures of shower related stuff. Sorry for the poor iphone quality. I haven't gotten the other pictures from my dad's camera or my aunt's (but I know they took some good pics!) so I'll have to update this when I have those as well. For now, this is just stuff that I helped to make for the shower because I couldn't help myself. :)

A couple of cookie in a jar prizes!

Hot Chocolate on a Stick from Pinterest and this website

Alex was so nice to help me wrap these up!

A baby bomb went off in my living room :) Please excuse the ill placed couch.
Anyway, that's all for now. It's doctor appointment time!

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's a..


That's right, we saw girl parts on the screen at the ultrasound on Monday. We are beyond excited to add yet another girl to the family. I know my niece is going to be super pumped (though I'm sure she would be either way, every time I see her she asks to see my belly.. with my shirt up, hilarious!).

Doesn't looking at the picture from this post just scream girl now that you know? Such a dainty little nose. We're still surprised it's a girl. We would've been surprised if it were a boy as well. It's just crazy knowing the gender in general. There's a little girl in my belly! She'll join her newborn little girl friends baby Snyder and baby Hix and she'll meet some cute newborn boys too, baby Doutrich and baby Nowak.

I also cannot wait to get my niece's baby clothing. Perk!

We just told our parents by giving them a copy of the picture and having them guess the gender. They are beyond excited as I'm sure you all are (lol)!

Sorry to everyone who thought boy ;)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There's a real live baby in there!

Reaching out with the right hand toward us!
Say hello to our little baby bru!! (Gender to be revealed on Saturday)

Here's a play by play of our appointment:
I arrived early and they called my name to go back before Alex even arrived. Luckily, as we were walking back he was walking in the door.

Our ultrasound tech Kelsey was the sweetest! She was very social and asked us lots of questions and kept us informed through the whole thing.

It was crazy to see a baby inside there, a real live baby. Since I took Britt's advice and had some chocolate beforehand, the baby was moving around like crazy! Closer to the end of the ultrasound, the baby settled down so that Kelsey could take some final measurements.

Back to the beginning.. May Grant is awesome because you don't have to go to the hospital to have the ultrasound, they do it right in the office. You lay down on a bed and look up at a flatscreen monitor near the ceiling in the room. Kelsey (or whoever) looks at her own machine. Kelsey was busy busy typing as she saw things, she measured lots of stuff. I don't remember all that she said but we saw the stomach, the kidneys, the spinal column, the diaphragm, the brain and of course, the heart and it's 4 chambers beating away. The baby's heartrate was 143 this time around. One of the first things she did was look between the legs. It was obvious to me what it was, but we waited for her to confirm. I wish I had a picture to share of the experience but Alex and I were pretty caught up in the moment to take pictures. We could've stared at the screen all day watching the baby move around.

At the end we got some pictures, including the one shown above. It's going to be hard not to tell our parents the gender until Friday but that'll just heighten it even more. We're still surprised (as we would be with either gender) and it's going to take some time for it to sink in. We just love knowing that it's a little boy or girl in there and that it's healthy, that was the #1 thing. I swear, if there were reviews for ultrasound techs, Kelsey would get a 20 out of 10. She was awesome!

After the ultrasound, I had my normal appointment. Nothing too interesting. We just need to start looking for a pediatrician. We looked at the baby's pictures a lot through the evening. The miracle of life is truly awesome!

Check back Saturday for the reveal!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Milestone :: Movement

It's official. There's a real life baby in there.

Saturday in the evening, while enjoying a delicious bowl of Turkey Hill Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt, I felt a thud in the tum tum. Not a normal thud or anything I've ever felt before and since i've been waiting for movement/signs of life in there, I knew what it was. I've been feeling it every once in a while ever since!

Hooray! The baby's limbs appear to be in working order. Of course we'll find out how many fingers and toes in a couple hours here at the ultrasound. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the gender until Saturday for secrecy purposes. Don't be mad ;) I will post a picture when I get it scanned into the computer!