Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zavier at Two Months!

Weight: 15 lbs even
Length: 24.5"

As you can see by his weight, he's not lacking in the food department. He eats every 3 hours (ish) during the day and most nights he's up 2-3 times. He's kind of a distracted eater during the day so nursing sessions last a while sometimes or start and then delay and then finish a half hour later. But like I said, he's not lacking. His weight is in the 97th percentile for 2 months. Big boy!

This is a bit tricky. He's not on any sort of schedule. I was laying him down for naps as he would allow but in the last week he has basically refused to nap for more than 20 minutes unless he's being held. I usually don't have time to hold him for such a long period while also being still so he doesnt completely wake during sleep cycles but sometimes (like right now, as I write this post on my phone and Scarlett watches Sofia the First) he can take a nice snooze on my chest. Night time is better. He goes down every night around 8pm. I have definitely started and stick to the habit of not rocking or nursing him to sleep. I swaddle him and lay him in his crib if I feel like laying in bed while he inevitably unswaddles himself once or twice. He eventually settles and falls asleep. This process also sometimes happens on the couch cushion. He stays asleep sometimes until 11pm and sometimes 1am. That's the usual. He has slept a tad longer once or twice. He then does a 3-4 hour stretch and then another 2-3 hour stretch waking around 7:30-8 am each morning. He nurses, gets a diaper change and then goes back to sleep. I change his diaper in bed. Why I never did that with Scarlett I will never know. It's so much easier than getting up and walking all around. We do all of this by night light. He goes back to sleep the first time in the crib again and the second time he stays with me. It's nice having a king size bed for this reason. I cant complain about these sleep habits. He's consistent and that's all I can ask for at this point.

He talks and smiles a lot. He's a happy boy so when he's awake and not hungry or sleepy he's smiling or laying quietly. He kicks and moves his arms during his active times. We're working on tummy time and neck control and he's getting better and better. I wouldn't call him super good at holding his neck though, he still needs a lot of support. But we'll get there in time. He loves to follow us around the room with his eyes and follows my voice. He enjoys watching Scarlett when we're sitting close to her (and she stays close by). He also enjoys being outside and taking walks although he doesn't like the wind so much. He hasn't quite figured out how to breathe in it yet.

He's a good little boy and were enjoying watching him get more alert and develop new skills. He's very patient when it comes to waiting for me or Alex to complete a Scarlett task if needed. He doesn't fuss too hard when he's hungry (I'm pretty on target with his hunger cues though so he doesn't have to wait long normally anyway) or when he's sleepy. This parenting thing the second time around sure is easier. :)

A note on Scarlett
Scarlett is doing awesome now with Zavier. She has fully transitioned to having a sibling. She's not too into him yet but I'm sure once he can move and make more noise (and she gets older) she will enjoy him more. There are times where she's concerned about him and I know she thinks about him bc she's mentioned his name after a nap before. So that's cute. She especially likes when he wears fun things on his shirt that she can point at. She's learning and growing every day. She repeats words on command and loves watching sofia the first (a limited amount). She still loves being outside and I take her out as much as I can handle with both of them. She's pushing boundaries for sure but she's also still teething a lot so I think a lot of times it's for attention but for reasons non-boundary/sibling related. She's a treat though and her laugh and smile brighter our days!

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