Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's the small things..

Yesterday, I decided that I need to be healthier. Not that i'm not healthy.. I've just kind of let things go a little bit when it comes to eating (for instance, I had 2 bowls of ice cream Saturday night). The fact that there's a baby who needs my nutrients is about 75% of the reason. The other 25% is so that I keep healthy habits going throughout pregnancy making it easier to stick to them post pardum.

I've decided to stop eating processed foods and excess sugar except for special occasions. I've also decided to start back to the gym on a more regular basis (perhaps, 3 times a week) just to get my heart rate up a little bit. Yesterday, I successfully did 20 minutes on the elliptical. Granted, I started out faster and ended up slower but I still did it, and I felt pretty accomplished. I was also excited because it didn't make my back hurt like walking on the treadmill does! So I figured I can do 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week and then throw in some yoga on off days if I feel like it. I feel like a balloon filled with water recently, (and i know, i know.. i'm pregnant!!) but if it helps my self esteem even a little bit, it'll do wonders for my day to day life.

Not to mention the fact that I spend my allowance on lunch every week instead of shopping or other things I want to buy. Packing a lunch will help with saving money and eating healthier.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There's a real live baby in there!

Reaching out with the right hand toward us!
Say hello to our little baby bru!! (Gender to be revealed on Saturday)

Here's a play by play of our appointment:
I arrived early and they called my name to go back before Alex even arrived. Luckily, as we were walking back he was walking in the door.

Our ultrasound tech Kelsey was the sweetest! She was very social and asked us lots of questions and kept us informed through the whole thing.

It was crazy to see a baby inside there, a real live baby. Since I took Britt's advice and had some chocolate beforehand, the baby was moving around like crazy! Closer to the end of the ultrasound, the baby settled down so that Kelsey could take some final measurements.

Back to the beginning.. May Grant is awesome because you don't have to go to the hospital to have the ultrasound, they do it right in the office. You lay down on a bed and look up at a flatscreen monitor near the ceiling in the room. Kelsey (or whoever) looks at her own machine. Kelsey was busy busy typing as she saw things, she measured lots of stuff. I don't remember all that she said but we saw the stomach, the kidneys, the spinal column, the diaphragm, the brain and of course, the heart and it's 4 chambers beating away. The baby's heartrate was 143 this time around. One of the first things she did was look between the legs. It was obvious to me what it was, but we waited for her to confirm. I wish I had a picture to share of the experience but Alex and I were pretty caught up in the moment to take pictures. We could've stared at the screen all day watching the baby move around.

At the end we got some pictures, including the one shown above. It's going to be hard not to tell our parents the gender until Friday but that'll just heighten it even more. We're still surprised (as we would be with either gender) and it's going to take some time for it to sink in. We just love knowing that it's a little boy or girl in there and that it's healthy, that was the #1 thing. I swear, if there were reviews for ultrasound techs, Kelsey would get a 20 out of 10. She was awesome!

After the ultrasound, I had my normal appointment. Nothing too interesting. We just need to start looking for a pediatrician. We looked at the baby's pictures a lot through the evening. The miracle of life is truly awesome!

Check back Saturday for the reveal!

Nursery Layouts

While thinking about all the things (and making a list of things!) I'm going to need for the nursery. I started to think about the layout.

Things to consider (from what I read):
- Don't put the crib by the window due to the temperature changes. Windows are obviously colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. The sun actually rises on the back of the house onto the only window in the room. While positive for winter, it's a negative for summer. We will be getting great curtains that hopefully retain heat in the winter (and our windows are from 1998 so they aren't inefficient) but we probably won't be putting the crib by the window.
- Don't put the crib by the window because when they grow and can stand in the crib, they could get tangled in the blinds. No brainer.
- Keep the Crib and Rocker/Glider close to one another for grab and feed sessions in the wee hours.
- Keep the dresser and changing table close to each other for 'within arms reach' clothing for necessary changes. We won't have a dresser out in the room, so the changing table will be stocked with essentials.
- Place the diaper pail and a trash container by the changing table. No brainer.
- Put a nightstand or place the bookshelf close to the rocker/glider with a light on it just in case you need to access one quickly in the middle of the night. Or use it as a place to set things when you don't want to get up.

Okay, that's enough tips. Here are the layouts I designed on


Okay so, I'm partially not following a rule when it comes to the crib by the window in the top right layout but I still like it. I need to run these by Alex as well to get his favorite. I also like the crib in the middle of the room but i'd probably have to see that in person to get a feel for it. The fact that there are 3 doors in the room (the main entrance is the lower right door, the bottom door goes out to storage and the top right door goes into the bathroom) and two large closets takes up two of the walls already and a large window takes up most of the 3rd wall, leaving only one full wall is challenging. And that's really the big wall I wanted to decorate, so we'll have to see how it goes. I do like the idea of having some living plants in there to purify the air a little bit.

Which layout do you like best?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Milestone :: Movement

It's official. There's a real life baby in there.

Saturday in the evening, while enjoying a delicious bowl of Turkey Hill Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt, I felt a thud in the tum tum. Not a normal thud or anything I've ever felt before and since i've been waiting for movement/signs of life in there, I knew what it was. I've been feeling it every once in a while ever since!

Hooray! The baby's limbs appear to be in working order. Of course we'll find out how many fingers and toes in a couple hours here at the ultrasound. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the gender until Saturday for secrecy purposes. Don't be mad ;) I will post a picture when I get it scanned into the computer!

New Car, Barnstormers, Friends, and Hurricane Irene

After what was the longest and most tiring work week of the entire year thus far the weekend was finally here. I (luckily) got off work a little after 2pm which was a relief. I was super tired and all the manual labor from the past couple days was taking a toll. I got to relax a little bit before we headed to York to close on the car.

The only picture I took all weekend.
We bought a Honda Pilot. I will post a picture soon. So far, we love it. We don't anticipate that changing anytime soon. It's basically perfect for what we needed (and wanted). Plus, Alex did a killer negotiating job and we got a great deal. (Thanks Apple Honda) Closing on said car took 2 hours. When we got back home, we immediately headed to the Barnstormers game with Matt because I had won tickets the week before. Unfortunately Britt was working and couldn't join us. We left during the 7th inning or so due to sheer boredom and headed to the Cat's Meow where she worked though to visit. Had a good time overall. Ate some yummy soft serve at the baseball game.. mmm.

Saturday, Alex went to work at the farm and I headed up to my parents house to show them the car and hang out for a little while. (I should've been sanding the crib) And when I got home, I took Alex over to the Nowaks for a Fantasy draft, where I returned later that evening to hang out/help Court put away the cutest nursery stuff! What a learning experience. Babies get a lot of clothes at showers, (duh) but really.. a lot of clothes! After all that, we got to check out Laurel's Bachelorette photo shoot images which turned out really great. I'll be sure to post a couple of my favorite on here once I get them from her!

Sunday we slept in nice and long.. Hurricane Irene had given us a slight pounding from 3pm on Saturday and was basically over when we awoke. The hardest rain/wind I thought was from about 11pm to 6am. I think Alex read his parents rain gauge at 4 inches. Anyway, back to Sunday. We had to get ready to head over to the farm for lunch, so we got moving. We got to check out a lot of Nick and Laurel's honeymoon pictures from Hawaii which were beautiful. It looked like they had a great time. I was jealous and wanted to be back there again (perhaps with the body I had in 2009).

We left around 3:30 to get ready to head to Hershey to meet up with Erin and David for dinner. We ate at Houlihan's. It was yummy. Unfortunately, Nicole and Jimmy couldn't make it but hopefully we'll see them soon. It was nice to chat with Erin and David about the upcoming babies (for both of us) and get some perspective on daycare stuff. Erin has a wealth of knowledge since she works at a pre-school. We had a great time, I love the laid back feel of hanging out with them.

When we returned home, we just relaxed before another work week starts. Today we find out the gender of the baby!!!!! We've been waiting 19 weeks for this!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Bump :: 18 weeks

This was last Monday. Sorry my days are so messed up, I'll try to do better. Coming soon, a weekend post. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquaaake! and other news

Yesterday I felt the 2nd earthquake I ever have in my life, right here in PA. (the first earthquake was 2 years ago, late at night, it felt like a train was going down our street, NBD- no big deal).

I was sitting at my desk after joking with a coworker about something when my cubical started to shake. I asked Kyle if he was shaking my cube, he laughed and said no. But our cubes were shaking. It lasted about 5 full seconds. I could feel the ground beneath my feet moving. It all made me a little dizzy.

We didn't know at the time but we assumed it was an earthquake. The epicenter of the one two years ago wasn't even a mile away and so we used our brains to make an assumption. Little did we know, the earthquake was a 5.8 in Virginia. Thank you facebook (and cousins) that broadcasted that and the US geological survey website confirmed it.

It was very eventful. I'm sad it did not make us lose power though (what a selfish thought) for then we would've been released from work (maybe).

In car shopping news..
We've completely changed gears (haha, get it?) and are now about 99% sure that we're going with the Honda Pilot. Yep, you read that correctly.. this was a car that wasn't even on our original list!! Monday during work, Alex mentioned it. I said, I didn't like it due to the serious boxiness and the fact that it looks like an elongated Ford Escape. BUT.. it does have a flip up 3rd row seat if we needed it, it comes with 4WD at a decent price, it comes with a tow package, the cargo space is frickin' huge when that 3rd row seat is hidden, and it rides like a dream boat (basically). We still have some time but if we get a price we are comfortable with, we might ride up to Harrisburg tonight to test drive it and maybe even ride home in it (i don't know if that's possible, it depends on the dealer, as some don't have the LX in stock).

Does everyone hate it that I constantly switch from using a capital I to a lowercase i within the same paragraph?? I (i) do but I don't feel like fixing it.

Anyway, in other news, we had our friends Matt and Britt over for dinner last night. We made turkey breast, baked garden potatoes and grilled garden zucchini and eggplant. Britt made delicious chocolate/pb special k squares which were awesome and we got to keep the leftovers (woohoo). We had a really great night, the time just flew by! Britt is a few weeks ahead of me (pregnancy wise), so we always catch up on what's going on with that. It's really really nice to talk to someone who's 3 weeks ahead (or even behind) because it's nice to hear another person's point of view (that I'm not reading about on the forums).

I slept like a baby last night with the window open, my favorite weather to sleep in (chilly). It was a dream, literally.

Monday, August 22, 2011

18 weeks!

Today I am 18 weeks along.

One week from now we will see the baby on the big little screen and find out the gender. We are SO excited for this. Our poor families will have to wait until the following friday when we tell them. They've waited this long, they can wait an extra couple of days.

Anyway, back to me (just kidding). But seriously.. I'm still feeling normal. One thing we found out last week that I cannot do is walk for extended periods of time, which is kind of unfortunate. My back starts hurting if I walk for too long. And I was even wearing sneakers! This has brought my exercise routine to basically nil and for my own sake, I should really start some kind of prenatal yoga to offset the fact that I can't walk for more than 15 minutes (without discomfort of the sciatica nerve variety).

Other then that, things are awesome. Alex let me order the WEN hair care system by Chaz Dean, so that I can try it. It's supposed to be magical. I'll be sure to post how it goes when I receive it. That totally wasn't on topic of pregnancy or 18 weeks but whatevs. Really.. I think it's because I don't have many other pregnancy complaints. I wouldn't complain if the baby showed some movement in there though, this might be the only time I request to feel a kick or a punch.

I can't wait to announce the gender at the beginning of September. I can't wait to know whether we're having a boy or a girl. And seeing it will make it so much more real (feeling it in there would also help). Our little beebee.

Test Driving, Relaxation, The Wire and a Birthday (or 3)

Friday after work it started raining. Of course. And who test drives in the rain? Anyone?? We decided to wait until it was over, since it wasn't supposed to last very long. Around 6pm we headed to the Honda dealership to check out the CR-V. We kind of scratched the sedans off of our list as being too small so we narrowed the list to two crossovers. The CR-V was great. It rode like a car (just the way we wanted) and the cargo area was quite large. We had lots of room when we sat in the backseat and it was overall pretty impressive. Just as we imagined it.

Next we headed to the Ford dealership to test drive an Edge. Of course, we loved it. After some thinking, we liked it more than the CR-V. So we started running numbers. Obviously the Edge is more expensive than the CR-V and due to the fact that we're having a baby.. we want to keep the payment as low as possible. So we're probably going with the CR-V. We're about 99% sure at this point. Update: We're not sure about anything now! We went to Isaac's for dinner with a coupon I had and then came home and watched... something. I can't remember.

Saturday morning we were up early for some reason. Boo! To be honest I was pretty lazy all day. I painted my fingernails twice (the first time was a french manicure fail) and I hit the grocery store so I could make 5 layer taco dip (it's probably supposed to be 7 layers but I couldn't think of the other layers, and I liked the 5 I had). I watched lots of TV and also a movie.. which I can't think of the name right now. Wow i'm awesome at forgetting things! I should've been cleaning but the cats were being sleepy and cuddly with each other on the couch, I couldn't bare to scare the be-jesus out of them with the vacuum cleaner. Alex got home and he made Leek/Potato soup for dinner. We probably watched an episode of The Wire, which he's currently into, and I don't usually pay much attention to and we watched probably another movie. I'm terrible at this!!

Sunday, again we were up much to early. I did take the opportunity to vacuum and Alex cleaned the kitchen. Then he watched more of The Wire before we headed to my 2nd cousins birthday party. They do a joint party for the 3 girls and it's super cute! It was too bad that it rained because they have a pool (so lucky) but we still had a great time! I love those birthday parties and hope that they go on for a number of years. The kids are so adorable and say the funniest things. Plus it was nice to be around people since we didn't see too many other people this weekend. And now I want a swimming pool. Gahh!

Thanks for reading about my super awesome weekend. I'll try to amp it up with pictures next weekend, which is sure to be just as boring fun!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby Bump :: 17 weeks 4 days

Here is a couple pictures I took Friday morning before work. Check out my belly button, cray-zay!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Kittie Story

One thing we found out recently is that our cats LOVE ice cubes in their water.

Domino also enjoys drinking while i'm filling up the bowl, so I think we'll be getting them their first present ever soon.. a pet water fountain, lol.

Here are a couple pictures of them loving the ice cold water!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Bump

We look just like the button I made on the top right of the blog, right??

Here's the bump at 15 weeks and 5 days. Obviously this was weeks ago but I thought I would share it. And I know Alex is covering a lot of it but there's another one I'll share as well that was taken with Laurel. Her hand is (obviously) much smaller. Regardless. Enjoy :) I will eventually get the actual image and not have to 'steal' the proof.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Want vs Need

I saw it here. {Awesome blog by the way} And now I think I need it. 

Alex has informed me that this is a want. And a pretty unrealistic one based on the price tag.
{he's right on both accounts}

I told him we could find the chair part on craigslist and we can make the bottom part.

His reponse was that we probably couldn't find a chair that someone didn't pee on.

I find that false but haven't been able to find a chair similar to this or remotely what I would want. 
At least not on the Lancaster craigslist.

Doesn't it look so comfy though?

Do people do yard sales in the fall??????

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just another typical Wednesday

Everytime I spell this word, I think it this way

I'm here at work, on my lunch break, eating (free) pizza. The pizza part isn't typical but the other part is. I do enjoy Wednesdays because of the 'hump' factor though and then it's a nice slide into the weekend.

This weekend we start car shopping. We're pretty excited because we've never purchased a car together before. I having never purchased a car at all. So test driving should be a blast. We're going to take pictures and take notes and I'm probably over-thinking it all but who cares! New car, new car is all I keep thinking. Time to get rid of the little green coug that drove me back and forth from college for a number of years.

The cars we're currently looking at are:
Ford Edge
Honda CRV
Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai Sonata
Honda Accord

We probably won't get a sedan but we threw it in for good measure. I love the look of the sonata and all it's curves, but I just think it'll be too small. We already have a sedan, so having a crossover as well would be ideal. Alex has recently fallen in love with the Honda CRV. The cargo space is really great and from what I hear it rides like a sedan. I guess we'll see! The hard part will be not purchasing anything and waiting another couple weeks until Labor day weekend. For the sales!!

Those are our main plans this coming weekend, as well as heading up to the 'burg for a birthday party! Should be a great weekend overall!

The weather is gorgeous out today so hopefully it's like that a least a little bit over the weekend (though i'm fully aware it's supposed to rain). Summer showers are unpredictable sometimes though so you never really know.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

This weekend we..

didn't really do all that much.

Friday after work, I thought about going to the mall but didn't do it. Instead i moved furniture around upstairs. Then we proceeded to snack our way through dinnertime and we watched a couple episodes of The Wire. Alex really likes it, I don't love it but don't hate it. I usually just sit there with the ipad and half pay attention.

Saturday morning we thought about going to test drive some cars, but decided we didn't have enough time. So we went to the grocery store and s clyde weavers, came home and had hash browns for breakfast and later on BLTs for lunch. Then I headed to a bridal shower for a friend (Gretchen). She was super surprised. I love watching others be surprised. After the shower (in which it rained the whole time, a real life shower, lol) Alex and I were supposed to head to some other friends going away party, which we found out ended earlier then expected. We were pretty bummed but luckily we'll see them tonight for dinner. So we decided to go to the Red Box and we watched The Lincoln Lawyer and Hall Pass. TLL was good, HP was a silly waste of time.

Sunday we had plans to go tubing with friends on the Pequea, but the rain cancelled them. So I went up to my parents to hang out for the day and Alex stayed home to do chores around the house, etc. I later went to my cousin' Stephanie's fiance Brandon's (follow that?) welcome home party. He's officially out of the service. We're very happy for him. I came home afterward and we watched Alice in Wonderland (the newer one) to end the weekend.

Relaxing (sometimes boring) but good nonetheless. Next weekend brings car test driving and a birthday party as well as being one week closer to seeing our growing baby bru on the big screen (i'm not actually sure how big the screen is).

17 weeks!

No bump picture, just words today.

2 weeks away from the anatomy scan and learning the gender! woo hoo!

Feeling great still, this morning I had some crampy stretching going on. Not painful just annoying.

Some days I show more than others. I definitely need a new bra but i'm struggling with what size to buy.

I've recently been reading delivery room stories that include crazy family members (mostly mothers and mothers-in-law) which prompted me to talk to my parents yesterday about what they did when it came to labor and delivery. Apparently things were very different back then when it came to visiting hours and even my sister (who had a baby 6 years ago) said that people can't just burst into the room, like i've read in some of these stories. I'm obviously not worried about anything crazy happening since I have normal parents and inlaws. Just think it's (sadly) entertaining to read about.

Other than that, I've started moving furniture around upstairs. I moved all the stuff I could move on my own and now have to wait for Alex to do some and then for the next strong man to walk into the house when Alex is home so I can convince them to move more. Then I can get down to sanding and painting the crib and changing table. That should take about two weeks anyway! I'll be sure to take before and after pictures for this here blog.

Friday, August 12, 2011


The ABC's of me. I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun (mostly for me, a little for you).
A. age :: twenty six

B. bed size :: king.. love

C. chore you hate :: cleaning garages and basements, ew spiders

D. dogs :: zero (but say it in a french accent)

E. essential start to your day :: i don't have an essential.. but i do love OJ

F. favorite color :: purple

G. gold or silver :: silver

H. height :: five five (some might say six)

I. instruments you play :: piano just not all the time

J. job title :: marketing coordinator

K. kids :: baby in utero.. gender undetermined

L. live :: Lancaster, PA

M. maiden name :: Elscheid (haven't typed that in a while)

N. nicknames :: Mitch? Babe?

O. overnight hospital stays :: none that i'm aware of

P. pet peeve :: bad drivers

Q. quote :: "The best love is 
the kind that awakens the soul, 
that makes us reach for more, 
that plants a fire in our hearts 
and brings peace to our minds" 
from the Notebook

R. righty or lefty :: righty

S. siblings :: three sissies

T. time you wake up :: weekdays: 6:50am + two snoozes; weekends: around 9am

U. university attended :: Millersville University

V. vegetables you dislike: I can't think of any so it's probably an uncommon one

W. what makes you run late :: nothing.. i'm super aware of the time

X. x-rays you’ve had :: dentist and i once had a chest xray

Y. yummy food :: mexican; guacamole; ice cream

Z. zoo animal favorite :: elephants, definitely

Thanks for reading along.. :) Happy Friday!

An ironic fortune

I got this fortune out of a cookie back in May when I probably shouldn't have been eating sushi. Little did I know, I was pregnant. At the time, I took this fortune as more of a doomsday the world is going to end so enjoy yourself while you can type of fortune. And I didn't even think twice about it when I did find out I was pregnant (though I do still have the fortune).

Now that a baby is coming in January, Alex and I are fully aware that things are going to change drastically. We aren't put off by it in the least. We're actually welcoming of it. We know it's not going to be easy and we're going to lose a lot of sleep and it's going to test our relationship but what could be better then bringing a baby into the world and then raising it to be a good human being.

I'm not much of a worrier and I'm pretty stress free. I haven't given much thought to the 'what if's' that I read other first time moms or current moms wondering aloud about on the babycenter forums. I don't know if it's because i'm a little uneducated in what could go wrong but I just feel like, i'm doing my best to stay healthy and whatever happens, happens. It could also be because this pregnancy is going by so uneventfully that there isn't much to worry about in the first place.

I guess the fortune is half true, I should enjoy myself while I can.. but I'll also be enjoying myself after we bring the baby into the world, maybe even more than I ever have.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

16 weeks 3 days and Nursery Inspiration

Today is 16 weeks and 3 days into pregnancy.

Things are still going quite smoothly and I couldn't be more thankful. I've had a couple of small stretching pains but nothing other than that.

The bump is getting a bit bigger as you may have seen yesterday. Here's a picture today so you can see it went back down! :)

There really isn't much else to report at this point. Just chomping at the bit to find out if it's a boy or a girl.

Moving onto the Nursery Inspiration.

When I saw the top image on pinterest, I really liked it. Obviously the colors will be a bit different since our room is currently aqua but I do plan to decide the other colors when we know the gender.

For a girl, I think orange, pink, purple and light yellow would be great and contrast well with the rest of the aqua room.

For a boy, I think orange, lime, teal and maybe silver would be cool looking. I'd obviously have to get some swatches together to make sure.

Then I saw the second image. Which shows exactly what I was thinking about doing. Squares are cool but diamonds are better. I would make them bigger then shown in this picture though since they'll be multiple colors.

I still need to figure out how i'm going to get my tape that straight on a 45 degree angle and how i'm going to make sure the paint doesn't get under the tape. More googling is in order I guess.

This is, however, why I love love love Pinterest.

And just for good measure. Here is another thing I love and plan to do in the nursery. What a great way to display books!

I could show you way more on my baby board, but if you want, just take a look for yourself. {here}

After this friday, when my sister moves out, we'll be rearranging furniture and I'll start sanding the crib pieces and the changing table to prepare to spray paint it white.

Does anyone know the rules about painting while pregnant? Obviously I want to paint a wall and spray paint some stuff, which i'll be doing outdoors when I can. But I think I might just rely on good ventilation when painting the wall. It shouldn't take too long anyway!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bumpity and Me at the Beach

I promise. That's my body. Alex cut off my head when taking the picture. Which I'm fine with.

To be honest, I feel like this bump is kind of false because it's definitely not that big this morning and this was taken yesterday afternoon. Oh the fluctuations of a baby bump.

Anyway, this marks 16 weeks and 1 day (as the doctor would say). Still feeling good/normal.

Here's a small recap of our mini vacation: (i'll do a wedding post later to recap that)

Saturday afternoon around 1:30 we headed off to Bethany. Enduring an almost 4 hour car ride, me driving.. Alex sleeping.. having belly cramps and driving stick in heavy traffic is no fun game. When we arrived, we unpacked the car and relaxed. We had pizza for dinner, played some Disney Apples to Apples and went to bed pretty early. The beds, by the way, were like sleeping on the floor. Super hard.

Sunday we went to the beach, learned how to play Settlers of Catan and watched Inception. This was also the night that the kids cooked the meal, which went over quite well.

Monday I went to the beach rather late in the day. I enjoyed relaxing in the house alone while everyone was out. We played some more Settlers of Catan and had an amazing mexican dinner. We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Tuesday we went to the beach. It was overcast when we were there and quite yucky, and windy. So windy it picked up sand and stung us with it. We didn't stay long. It later got sunny.. go figure. We (of course) played some more Settlers and packed up all of our stuff. We had indian for dinner and then left for home. It took us 3 hours on the dot.

We had a great time as always. It's nice to get away for a little while. It's also nice to be home though sleeping in a comfortable bed.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding time!

Tomorrow I will be rocking a pregnant tummy in a gorgeous bridesmaid dress for my brother in law and future sister in law's wedding. It's going to be amazing and I'm super excited!

I'll be sure to post a picture later on because I'm hoping I'll look lovely even with a protruding belly. Speaking of, I need to try my dress on again tonight.

I'm just so excited. I love weddings and especially weddings for people I love.

Perhaps an impromptu baby bump picture is in order?!

Have a great weekend! I know I will!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anxiously waiting..

Yesterday after the appointment, I scheduled our next visit.

The big appointment. The appointment of all baby appointments.

We'll find out if we're having a bouncing baby boy or a darling little diva girl. And we'll get to see the cutest baby currently in utero.

I think about it all the time. I whine about it because I can't look at baby clothes or choose things for the nursery. I think about it some more.

I feel like seeing it on the 'big screen' will make it even more real than just hearing the heartbeat. I mean, what if there are twins in there? We currently don't know. What a surprise that would be.

4 weeks is going to take forever, but luckily we have a lot going on between now and then to keep us busy!

Today is normally a baby bump day so I might just upload a picture when I get home, okay? okay.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Appointment

Today I had a baby appointment. Yippee.

They told me I was 15 weeks and 1 day, so i've apparently been off in my calculating. Oops! I'm going to go back and adjust the baby bump pictures because that can make things misleading.. mostly for myself.

Regardless, here are some stats:
Blood Pressure - 117/70
Pee - Negative for too much glucose/protein
Weight - Gained 3 lbs so far this pregnancy
Feelings - Like i'm not pregnant.. so basically normal
Baby's Heart rate - 140 bpm (last appointment was 157 bpm)

Next appointment is the anatomy scan. Unfortunately, it's 4 weeks away. But it IS on a monday, which is a relief I won't have to wait all week that week.

I might take this blog public (aka on facebook for a one time, looks it's a blog type post) after we know the gender. I'm still thinking about it. We're definitely going to announce the gender via official announcement because I don't think all of our family friends know. The ones we don't talk to on the regular anyway!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 1, 2011

15 weeks!

Today is the start of week 15. I don't have any pictures because i'm going to try to stick with a wednesday theme for that. Just to make it easier.

I have to admit, everything's been very easy so far. I hope this doesn't mean i'm really in for it in the next 5 months to make up for that. The tum tum is growing slowly and my belly button looks funny. Other then that, everything is normal. I feel like a normal person who can't eat sushi. Though I heard this weekend if you trust the provider you can have a little. I miiight have to do that. We'll see. What fetus wouldn't enjoy a bite of spicy tuna roll? I don't know of one.

I still fit into all my normal clothes. I have a bellaband so that I can loosen them up around the tummy. I get full pretty quickly these days so I try to eat small(er) and more frequent meals. If i drink too many fizzy drinks I get super bloated. I could probably fly away if I didn't have a baby (and you know, my body) weighing me down.

Whhhhat else. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow where I'll probably hear the heartbeat again and then schedule my next appointment (which will probably be the anatomy scan). I'm going to fib to them and say that I won't be able to do it closer to the end of the month and ask if they can push it up a week or two. Meaning that it could be in 2 weeks!

Happy first week of August!