Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Haven't done this in a while..

Well lookie who it is!?

I haven't done this in a while because I literally do not have time to sit a computer. Evenings are spent relaxing with my darling husband and vegging out on the couch/es together watching TV while playing with our phones, or just one of those things or both at the same time.

I'm coming back for a moment to post a lot about Zavier.

As Scarlett was growing from 0-12 months, I documented a lot of what she was doing and a lot of it is right here on this blog. I actually frequent it to see what she was doing at 6 months while Zavier was around the same age. I wanted to have a place in the cloud where this information is available to me (and them??) in the future.

So though I couldn't document on a blog, I have been writing 'notes' on my phone each month. Sure there aren't any pictures with a sticker (we started that and it ended quickly bc i'm laazzy!) and we may not have many weights, though his baby book will, I have lots of paragraphs about what he was doing each month and how he has grown.

He's grown fast. Too fast. Way. Too. Fast.

I want to put the hashtag #slowdowntime but i'm not sure if hashtags work in blogs.

Regardless, hello again, even if for just a short time while I post up to 9 months of information about my littlest babe.

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