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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Just wanted to jot down a couple of resolutions I have for 2012 now that it's arrived.

I generally am not the best at keeping resolutions but that may be because of my lack for making resolutions I actually care to keep. Regardless, here goes nothin'!

1 :: Listen more, interrupt less

I don't know if anyone who speaks with me on a regular basis realizes I do this but I tend to try to finish people sentences when they pause. I annoy myself with this and I have been actively trying to listen and hear people out instead of jumping into their sentence to guess the ending.

2 :: Be a great mom

Now that i'm basically a parent (officially in a couple of weeks), I resolve to be as good of a mother as I can be. I have a really excellent role model in my own mother and I'm sure all the things I have learned from her thus far in life will influence the type of mother I will be as well.

3 :: Learn a new hobby

I'd really like to get better at sewing. In order to accomplish this, I will need to get my own sewing machine and probably take an instructional course. I tried to sew last week and it was way more difficult than I remember it being in home ec in middle school. I think it would be fun to know how to sew different things and it seems like it would be a lot easier than learning how to knit, which was something I said I wanted to do a couple months ago.

4 :: Watch less television

This should be pretty easy considering we no longer have cable/satellite. We've already cut our TV watching by 2/3rds. Netflix and Hulu are our only sources of television entertainment and I really have to be in the mood to turn something on and sit through it. I'm also assuming it will be less desirable once the wee one is here.

5 :: Eat Healthier

Throughout this pregnancy, I've kind of just let things go. Not all the time, but prior to getting pregnant I was living a pretty restricted food life. Trying to keep carbs low and only indulging every once in a while or so (from what I can remember anyway, this was a long time ago it feels like). Now that I feel like a whale (I know i'm not a whale) I have a new-found desire to eat healthier once I can get my appetite under control. Pregnancy makes me want to keep my stomach full of something, whether it's healthy or not.

6 :: Exercise

I'd like to be able to run a 5k. I had the C25K app on my phone that I was using when I found out I was pregnant. I used it for a couple more weeks and then my back started hurting and I couldn't walk anymore let alone run. I look forward to using the app though and completing it somehow. This could get complicated since I'll have a baby to look after, but Planet Fitness isn't far from my house, it's generally $10 a month and C25K only takes a half hour of your time. It's a step in the right direction.

7 :: Give more

Surprisingly enough, I can be kind of selfish. So i plan to work on that more this year and try to give. I have a feeling I'm going to be a tad selfish with my new baby at first. Hopefully Alex can bring me back down to earth before I embarrass myself!

8 :: Make more wine

Alex and I (mostly Alex) made a couple of wines in the Spring last year and though I have yet to really dig into them (for obvious reasons) I'd really like us to continue to make wine. It's so nice to have and not have to go out to the liquor store and purchase it. We'll be so well rounded, Alex brews and enjoys some nice whiskeys/scotches/bourbons/gins and we'll have homemade wine. All to drink in moderation, of course!

9 :: Stay Organized & Clean

I know things can get pretty messy when you have a baby around. Priorities of cleaning and staying organized get pushed to the far back because the baby is numero uno, as she should be. I would like us to try to stay on top of this though and hopefully it won't be too hard to maintain. My biggest issue is not putting away my clothing after I wear it. If it isn't going into the laundry, it ends up on my dresser or on the floor. I need to put it in the laundry or put it away and keep my dresser clear!

10 :: Be Happy

This is attainable because I am happy. I'm already happy. I'm about to have a baby. My husband is amazing. Our families are awesome. Our friends are the best. We're healthy. We have good jobs. We're really lucky in life and comment on it often. We're really excited for 2012, a year of many firsts!