Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zavier at Six Months!

Zaviers first food was oatmeal followed by sweet potatoes and prunes. He was definitely ready to start eating bc he opens his mouth so well each time! I say "ahhh" and he opens! He still nurses every three hours or so.

He hasn't slept well really since before he had croup. Teething seems to give him a runny nose which messes with his breathing and all goes to heck after that. Also, hi my name is Michelle and i am Zavier's human pacifier. So there's that too. I'm not tired despite how often I am awake at night so I'm not messing with it anytime soon. He goes back to sleep pretty easily after nursing (in the cases where he can breathe while nursing of course, darn runny nose!)

This month Zavier has mastered sitting up unassisted. I still put the boppy behind him in case he leans back but he does a very good job sitting.

Basically this is a fail on my part as I didn't realize I didn't write a lot for 6 months. He's an awesome little man though!

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