Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Very Merry (Pinterest) Christmas :: Decor Edition

Check out this decor inspiration, courtesy of my Pinterest boards. :)
So glad I can finally share these since I pinned a bunch of them months ago!

Mantle Decor

Marshmallow Wreath

Snowflake 'Wreath'

Festive Floating Candle

Hanging Candy Canes

Santa Key (for those without chimney's)

Easy Glittery Candle

Felt Circle Wreath

Ruffled Tree Skirt

Monday, November 28, 2011

2 months to go!

2 months sounds long doesn't it? Today I am 32 weeks out of 40 weeks. That's 8 weeks left. If each month were 4 weeks, that would be 2 months. Ish.

This week, baby girl feels like a jicama if you were to hold one. What is a jicama you ask? Look it up because I don't know how to describe it other than saying it looks like a potato but more round. Here's a picture. And in case you were wondering how to say jicama, it sounds like hick-a-ma.

She is about 16 inches long. That's longer than a ruler, people!

How she squeezes into my tummy I will never fully understand. Babies are flexible I guess.

Anyway, she's doing great. She gets hungry a lot so I have to feed her a lot and by her, I mean me. I think she was in a food coma a couple times this past weekend.. all hopped up on Tryptophan. But she's kicking around in there like a champ. She gets the hiccups a decent amount too and sometimes it's pretty fast.. so fast that I think "these can't be hiccups" (sidebar, when you type something you're thinking is it necessary to use ""?) but they probably are hiccups.

We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow where I plan to ask the following question: Why don't they do a final ultrasound when you're at your 'last' appointment before labor (if they think it could be your last appointment) to check the position of the baby? Couldn't this save lives? Or at least decrease the risk of emergency c-sections because they'll know things they can't tell without an ultrasound? Does it really cost that much to do an extra ultrasound? Anyway, i'm pretty curious about this obviously so I'm on the case and I'll report back.

The other questions I plan to ask are a tad too personal to include in this here blog. My apologies for even mentioning it! If you really want to know you can ask me and I will tell you.

I'm just happy to be asking questions since usually when I go I don't have anything prepared to ask.

A couple things we need to nail down though is our pediatrician and our childcare provider for the part time I will be at work (hopefully, fingers crossed). I really appreciate everyone who wrote on the FB post that I put up asking who to go to and I will be looking into all of them.

Tonight is our last childbirth class where we'll be learning about infant care. Maybe they'll even teach those of us who don't know how to change a diaper. Should be fun! It will be nice to have Monday night's back though. This week is super duper busy with the family coming in on Friday. I have tons to clean. TONS! Want me to document it with pictures? Okay, if you insist.

Happy 32 weeks to me and baby bru!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What we did last weekend..

Last weekend, Alex was away with some friends at a cabin in the woods.

I did a bunch of stuff while he was gone like visiting my family and seeing my grandparents. It was a nice weekend, just what I needed before the holiday weekend starts.

Here is a picture of me and Makayla from Saturday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

9 weeks remain!

T-9 weeks left! Can you believe it? It seems like a lot but at the same time, a little!

My mom was kind enough to buy me my first maternity shirt, she did a good job, didn't she?

This week, baby girl is about 16 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds. She's currently kicking or punching me in the ribs (this is a first) which feels interesting. I wish I knew whether it was her feet or her hands since at the last appointment she was breech. Let's hope she's made the turn! Other than that she's just supposed to be putting on weight. Grow baby grow!

Things with me are going well, nothing crazy to complain about. As we move closer and closer to her due date I keep waiting to start feeling tired or super uncomfortable and trust me, sometimes I feel uncomfortable but it's not a constant thing. Putting on shoes is probably the hardest thing I have to deal with.

I'm glad that her nursery is moving along too and I know it'll be filled after the baby shower in a few weeks. My sister just gave me the baby swing from my niece on Saturday so we have that to add to the collection of things. I can't wait to have everything put together and in it's place.

We don't have birthing class this week due to the holiday and I don't have another appointment until next week so not too much else to report!

We just can't wait for her to get here!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Project List :: Completed Tasks

So I got done 5 out of 9 things.. not bad, right?

Putting the felt backer on for black-out purposes!


Wish I had bought more of these to hang, but this will do!

Spray painted Sunday. So no chance of hanging it up the same day!

Glued, but not hung. I don't know where it's 'spot' is quite yet.


I couldn't hang the small frames because I don't know where they're going yet. I found a decal set on pinterest that I think i'm going to try to paint myself onto the large wall that is currently blank. I don't want to spoil it by showing it ahead of time. :) But it's going to be awesome. I need to sketch it first on a regular sheet of paper to know I can do it on a larger wall. (If you follow me on pinterest, I pinned it.. oops!)

What else was I supposed to do? Ohh that's right, buy some fabric to make a crib skirt. Well, I didn't make it to JoAnn Fabric.. so that didn't get done. However, I think when it does get done it's going to look great. That's a project for December I think. I also didn't choose any pictures for the wall because I want to wait on that as well, especially with the new 'mural' idea.

There's plenty left to do, luckily I still have 9 weeks to accomplish these things!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Project List :: I think I can

Things I need to accomplish this weekend:
~Finish the wall decor that I started weeks ago. All I have to do is find my hot glue gun and glue it together.. is that so hard?? apparently it is, because i do not know where the glue gun is and i don't even know where to start looking.

~Put up the decor that I got from Urban Outfitters above our bed and then take a picture. Shouldn't be too difficult or time consuming, right? I might as well add in here that we desperately need to move the bed and vacuum under it (the cats love it under there and i'm pretty sure it's covered with hair) and clean the whole room. It gets messy so fast!

~Buy some more of the magenta fabric and create the bed skirt that will match the roman shades. Oh and finish the roman shades! There's only one left to do.

~Spray paint a shelf that I got at a yard sale a few years ago and then hang it.

~Hang the other frames while i'm at it.. after i figure out what to put in them.

~Choose the pictures to hang on the wall. I think this is going to be a tough one and I might just have to wait until we get our maternity pictures done.

That sounds like enough, right? I have lots of other non-baby related things I want to do, like Christmas decor but I figure I have plenty of time for that after Thanksgiving. Not to mention the extensive list I have going of things that need to be cleaned prior to the baby's arrival.. most notably, the refrigerator and the master bathroom. Where will I find the time? Oh, let's say the first week of December, prior to some guests arriving!

I wonder how many things I can check off my list on Friday night? :)

And for an extra challenge.. can I manage to take a picture of all of these things on my list??!?!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was SUPER busy. In a good way though because most of it was spent with people we love! And look, I took a lot of pictures!

Friday night we attended Eric's Surprise Birthday Party. And i'm pretty sure he was totally surprised. The food table was immaculate and I ate wayy too much but that's what happens when there's really good pizza, guacamole and buffalo chicken dip (and more). PLUS the cake was to-die-for. Strawberry swirl.. I could eat another piece right now!

iPhone Quality. Blowing out Candles. Jamming with Spotify. Baby Evander and Cake!!

Saturday, I took Alex to the farm and then went to the Outlets to visit Carters and then to Babies R Us to get gifts for a baby shower I went to on Sunday. Carters is pretty overwhelming with the amount of stuff they have. I didn't even know where to start! But i did get a cute outfit for baby Hix! I also have to say, shopping off of a registry is hard. I didn't realize it was so involved but I spent 45 minutes in aisle 6 of babies r us trying to find the things I wanted to get. It was worth it though! After I picked up Alex we went to Amelia's and got some discounted items. Then we went home and got ready for Nick & Laurel's Wine & Cheese party.. which was a BLAST! Here are the pictures from that. Look out, there's a lot!

A quick photography tutorial? I need me one of those!

The cutest wine glass charms ever made especially by Laurel! She could sell these I swear!

These were the most delicious truffles in the history of truffles (that night).

Photo compliments of J.Huntington.. she's a pro

Enjoying the food.. how could you not?

Sorry for the blur.. they're so cute though, right?

I sat in that chair right there. :)

The other side of the room, where all of the music selection took place.

A sampling of the fare.

The setup before we commenced with the tasting!

My glass and my favorite wine of the night, a Riesling!
Priceless face filled with Birthday Joy!

One of the food tables. The cheese on the left was my favorite! So buttery!

We had such a good great time, and Nick & Laurel did such a great job at keeping everything organized. They designed the sheets and the labels to go around the wine bottles. They're so creative! Plus the food was ah-mazingly delicious! Add in yummy wine (sips for me) and super awesome company.. I can't think of a better time!

Sunday morning I went to see my Dad sing in church. He did an awesome job singing "Long Black Train" by Josh Turner and don't worry, there were more people in the audience then the 3 that you can see in the picture. After church, I stopped at my grandparents to show them some baby pictures and then I stopped at Target. When I got home I had to wrap up some baby gifts and then it was off to Britt's shower!

Steph was nice enough to take a snap of us!
 The shower was lovely and it was nice to catch up with Stephanie and meet Alicia (another pregnant girl, 5 weeks ahead of me) And they had a delicious spread (what isn't yummy to me these days?) plus amazing cake and then a candy bar with all pink candies! Britt got a ton of stuff! It was all so cute! Baby Hix is set! Plus it was super helpful in doing my registry later that night, which I talked about in my 30 week baby bump post. So after the shower, I relaxed a little bit and then hit Target (again) to redo my registry. We spent the rest of the night relaxing after a yummy dinner of falafel and tabouli!

I'm repeating myself when I say this but I LOVE busy weekends.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

For the winter, Alex and I decided to join the Farm Fresh Coop for seasonal organic veggies from local farms.

We've never done this before but have known about it for a while and the coop uses the Brubaker farm for some of it's produce year round which makes it pretty cool.

This week is the first week and they just sent a newsletter stating what we could be getting. Here it is, straight from the newsletter:
1 Bunch Red Tatsoi - Certified Organic - Riverview Organics
1 Bunch Collards - Certified Organic - Autumn Blend Organics
1 Head Napa Cabbage - Certified Organic - Bellview Organics
1 Leek - Certified Organic - Coyote Run Organics
1 Head Broccoli - Certified Organic - Pine Hill Organics
1 Bag Carrots - Certified Organic - Sunrise Ridge Organics
1 Bunch White Kohlrabi - Certified Organic - Sweetaire Farm
2 Heads Green Leaf Lettuce - Certified Organic - The Back 40 Ranch
1 Head White Cauliflower - Certified Organic - Green Valley Organics
1 Buttercup Squash - Certified Organic - Riverview Organics 
1 Bunch Chrysanthemum Greens - Certified Organic - Riverview Organics

Doesn't that sound delish? Pretty sure we're going to be living it up with some gourmet cooking this winter, which is appropriate to get as much in as we can before baby girl's arrival. This little one will be lucky though since we'll probably do the Summer Share as well and her first veggies will be from local organic farms.

Hopefully as we use the veggies I can post more about them and how we're preparing them. Above is a picture of what we got this week. YUM!

Here's a picture of what we made for dinner last night with our fresh harvest! It's a basic stirfry that Alex whipped up in a flash and then added some home-cured bacon bits to. It was yummy and I can't wait to see what else we can make with this bounty of organicness.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 weeks remaining!

Thanks for the snap, Mike!
Yesterday marked Week 30! The big 3-0! Baby girl has made a position change and is now dancing on my bladder. So much so that I feel like I have to pee but then find out I actually don't. So that's fun! I hope the position change means she's more head down, as of last week at the ultrasound she was transverse (sideways) and I'd really prefer for her to get to head down and then stay there for the next 10 weeks.

This week she's about 15 inches and 3 pounds. Pretty exciting! Anyway, as I just mentioned, we had an ultrasound last week. It was our second at womb with a view since we didn't get the best look at her the first time. Well.. despite my best efforts to try to juice her up ahead of time, she enjoys sleeping on the pillow that is my placenta. Her face was in it half the time. Here are a couple of snaps though so you can see her again.

Mouth open.. she likes to sleep like that. During the Ultrasound we saw her drinking the OJ flavored fluid!

My little piglet! Her nose is pressed up against the placenta here.  She isn't a Penelope.

There's her little arm. Her face looks really shadowy though.

This might be close to what I posted last time. It was from the first session.
Anyway. things are still going well. Other than the bladder dancing. I've noticed that I don't waddle around on the weekends, mainly just at work. Not sure why? I made a nice list of things I probably want to take to the hospital and also went over my final project list for the nursery. I got a set of two really cute crib sheets from pottery barn on Saturday, so I won't have to sew any (or if I do, it will only be one). I couldn't pass up $8/sheet plus a 10% off discount! Alex is going away this weekend with friends which should give me lots of time to complete nursery projects!

So for my registry, I originally just went on to do it. Then after talking to someone about it (I forget who, sorry!) I went through to see how much of the stuff I chose was only available online. Answer? Most of it. So I printed it out and then deleted everything from it and went to the closest Target Sunday night and got a scanner and scanned away for an hour and forty five minutes. It was actually nice to see everything in front of my face. They didn't have everything, so when I got home I went on and added the things that I had on before that I couldn't find. Just in case. But at the store, I also added things I didn't think about or see online. So all in all it was worth it. And for those wondering, I'm not registered at Babies R Us because I like Target better. I like the clothes they have better and their prices are generally better. Nothing against BRU, I just chose Target.

At our class last night we went on a tour of Women's and Babies. I had higher expectations for some reason because the rooms felt cold. Obviously they aren't going to be super luxurious. They looked nice overall though and obviously Women's and Babies is a nice facility. It does however make me want to stay at home as long as possible while in labor before going in. Positive? 

Tomorrow we have an appointment at the doctor (or should I say, midwives since I have yet to see a doctor). It'll be nice to get confirmation of exactly what position she is in! I need to start thinking of some questions to ask.

It really seems like 10 is such a small number (compared to 40) but when I think about the time in terms of months, it seems longer. January 23rd still feels pretty far away, even though Thanksgiving is next week! Next week we'll be in the single digits! So excited to meet her!

Monday, November 14, 2011

{Guest Post} From a Father's Perspective

{I finally got Alex to do a guest post! I think you will all enjoy hearing a man's perspective on the upcoming arrival of a first child. It basically made me cry because it was so sweet! (that's right, i'm not a robot) Anyway, enjoy! And if we get a good turnout from this posting, that'll help me convince him to do more in the future!}

I am honored to be the first “guest” poster on my wife’s blog. While it took a little time and convincing for me to commit to it, I am excited to embrace the digital media platform and share my thoughts, experiences and feelings about the pregnancy and upcoming parenthood. Forgive me if this is long winded but I have over six months to cover.

To be honest, I know that Michelle and I have been extremely fortunate during the pregnancy. The only bumps in the road were some minor back irritation that has gotten better and she had a cold for two weeks.  She acts the same as her pre-pregnancy self.  On a more important note, there have been no health complications with mother or child. I cannot wrap my head around the stress, anxiety or emotions associated with health complications.  Up to this point in the pregnancy, worries and anxiety have been the last things on my mind. I hope the next eleven weeks will be just as smooth.  

While anxiety and worries have not consumed me, excitement, joy, amazement and love have been growing since I found out Michelle was pregnant. The most amazing experience to date was when I first saw her at 19 weeks. Seeing our child for the first time is something I will never forget. That experience filled me with emotions I have never felt before.  I instantly fell in love.  Another highlight is when I felt her kick for the first time. Another absolutely incredible experience!!! 

Another part of the reason for the overwhelmingly positive experience is the fact that I have always wanted children and had confidence in my ability to be a parent.  I have always loved being around children and playing with children.  Was this something I learned or something I was born with?  All I know is that it has been something in me since I can remember.  My belief in my ability to parent hasn’t waived, and this has made the experience very positive.  

I am excited to share my happiness and love with my daughter. I know it isn’t going to always be easy, but I know it is going to be the most amazing adventure. I can’t imagine sharing it with anyone else. Michelle has played a major part in how positive this whole experience has been. She has been absolutely amazing during the whole pregnancy.  Our daughter is going to have an amazing mother and raised in a house filled with love.

{isn't he the best?}

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sparkling Cranberries

Last week, I saw an awesome tree skirt on pinterest. The thing about pinterest is, most of the pins are actually from other people's blogs, which is pretty awesome because it's like a gateway to the world of the best bloggers. Obviously if you've made it onto pinterest, you've made it (light sarcasm but it's also for real!).

Anyway, from that tree skirt I started following The Johnston's mostly because she looks like a nice girl and she's also pregnant and I tend to follow nice girls, nice girls that are pregnant, or nice girls that are moms. I'll add a list of the sites I follow regularly on the side when I get a chance.

{Picture taken from The Johnson's Blog}

Anyway, while perusing her blog I saw these little babies. And I thought, those look delicious. AND easy!

So the next time I was at the grocery store, I picked up some cranberries since they're in the produce section right now. Alex was all "what are they for" and I was all "I'm going to sugar them up and we're going to eat them" and that's what we did. With some other friends joining in on the fun as well (of eating them, not making them).

They're insanely easy to make. Check out Ashley's blog for not only recipes but pregnancy updates and crafting and basic awesomeness.

Here's a link to her post on the Sparkling Cranberries. Seriously, try them you won't regret it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy Week Kids

Feels like such a busy week already which is going to be flooding into a busy weekend. I enjoy it too, because that just means time is moving faster toward the holidays and then baby!

Let's start with Monday. We grocery shopped, Alex made tuna steak and brussel sprouts for dinner and then went to our Birthing Class where we learned about medicated childbirth. We watched another birthing video and then did the hee hee hooo relaxation breathing on the super hard floor. I did not enjoy this technique and I could not look at Alex while he was breathing with me. It made me laugh too hard. Imagine me laughing in a room full of other couples taking it seriously. I did a silent laugh but my body was shaking like crazy (it felt like)!

Tuesday, we didn't have to do anything that was scheduled. So we cleaned and relaxed and I printed out some envelopes for my baby shower. That was a pain in my rear end. The printer would NOT listen to what I actually wanted so it took over an hour! And Alex made yummy cabbage and beef for dinner.

Wednesday, we spent the early evening prepping for the Nowaks and McHenry's to come have dinner with us. Alex did all the cooking of the super delicious meal which consisted of stuffed pork tenderloin, roasted fingerling potatoes and sauteed broccoli. I helped with some of the prep, set the table and did dishes that he was done with. And finished my sparkling cranberries which I plan to share the recipe for tomorrow (yum!). So overall it was an amazing meal. And it was nice to catch up with the two couples and see baby Evander. He's growing up so fast already! He was super well behaved though and slept most of the time. He's such a little angel. Anyway, the girls watched Bad Teacher and the boys did.. boy things? Alex and I had a great time and hopefully everyone else did as well!

Thursday (today), after work we'll be doing more dinner prep. Then we'll head off with both sets of our parents to Womb with a View (again) to try and get some pictures and a better DVD. Baby girl is in a much better position currently and I'll definitely be drinking some OJ prior to going to the appointment. Then we'll have the parents back for a Chicken Fajita fiesta! Pumped!

Friday, we're celebrating 11/11/2011 with friends!

Saturday, Alex is working, then hopefully we can hit up Target real quick to register for our carseat and stroller since there's one so close by now in Lititz and then we're headed down to DE for Nick and Laurel's Wine and Cheese Party!!

Sunday, I have a baby shower to attend and some nursery projects I just have to finally finish!

I'll do my best to take pictures of all of these events (even if it's just a snap with the iPhone) so that these posts are a little less wordy! mmkay?

Look out for the Sparkling Cranberry recipe tomorrow. So delicious and seasonably appropriate!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rug Fail

Welp, I talked about the new rug we got..

It's going back to the store. Despite the fact that the cats wouldn't stay away from it, it was actually shedding fibers all by itself. That's what I get for getting it from Home Goods I suppose but honestly, I'm not disappointed. I know we'll find a rug that I like better.

Anyone know a place to get cheap (but good quality) rugs? I like a modern style and won't do anything too floral or traditional. Thus begins an actual rug search. I'm thinking at least 8x10 feet now since we know the 6x8 or whatever that was didn't fit the room correctly.

We'll see if I can find one, rug shopping is tough, yo!

Monday, November 7, 2011

What's a weekend without..

..seemed like a good title. But i don't have the answer. Fun? Family? Shopping? Sleep?

Friday night we went and got me an iPhone. We didn't get the 4s because I couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't need Siri to do my dirty work, I can do it. And I don't need 8 MP when 5 is good enough. So a 4 is what I got. I'm loving it. It makes me want to text people because it's so much better than a blackberry in that regard. After we got the phone we hit the blockbuster box by the grocery store and picked up Limitless. I really enjoyed it. I think Alex found it entertaining as well. It's a good way to kill a couple of hours, that's for sure.

Saturday, Alex was up bright and early to help his dad put on a roof. I, on the other hand, slept in til about 10. It was glorious. I watched Grey's Anatomy on the DVR and thought about going to JoAnn Fabric to exchange the felt glue for more fabritac. This didn't happen. Alex arrived home earlier than I thought he would and we needed to go to the grocery store before heading to my parents. We hung out at my parents for a while, visiting for my mom's birthday. We had a delicious dinner at Carrabba's. That place is sooo good. I don't know how I fit all that food in my stomach. Dessert might have been the best part of the meal!

Sunday, we slept in. We're trying to soak it up while we can ;). Alex installed all the new fun stuff he got for his kegerator and then eventually went to the farm to see the roof and then to Dan's to watch football. I watched Private Practice and then vacuumed and then cleaned the vacuum. Fun! Then I finally hit up JoAnn Fabric and then the grocery store for a snack. My mom and Julia came down to do some shopping and I did some damage at AC Moore and Home Goods. Christmas decor in the Brubaker house is going to be awesome this year, I can just feel it! When I got home I watched Something Borrowed, which was a cute movie and then Alex came home. I took him to Home Goods to show him a rug that I liked earlier and we ended up getting it. I don't know how much I currently like it in the living room (i imagined it being bigger and maybe more square?) but we have a while until the return by date, so this is our little test drive. The cats have been driving me crazy with it already. They were smelling it and I am terrified they will 'knead' on it pulling up the fibers so much that we couldn't return it even if we wanted to. We ordered Bun salads from SaiGon cafe which were delicious (and filling) and then I wrote a couple of blog posts before hitting the hay.

Such a fun weekend but it went way too fast. Slow down weekends but speed up weekdays, amiright?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

11 weeks to go!

Tomorrow marks the start of Week 29.

Baby girl is over 2 lbs and about 15 inches long. She's moving and shaking in there almost constantly which is quite exciting. She doesn't wake me up at night so I'm sure she's just sleeping along with me (hopefully).

Last week we went to Womb with a View to get a glimpse of her little face. And here's a picture from the DVD we brought home. Her face was shoved into my placenta most of the time, with her hands and feet in her face. So we're actually going back on Thursday for another visit (free, sweeet) to get some good pictures.

It was a really awesome experience that we shared with our parents, some of whom have never seen an ultrasound. We sat in a big room, I was in the back corner and the parents sat in chairs watching a big screen TV. Alex took some pictures of the occasion but I look gross in them so I won't be posting it on here for the whole world (potentially) to see.
We did come home with a 24 minute DVD. It's decent but I think I might ask for a redo on that as well.. Because mostly what you're watching is the tech switching from 3D to 4D back and forth which doesn't make for a great viewing experience. We'll see what they say.

In the picture to the left, you should be able to make out her eyes and nose. I think her mouth is open at this point, probably taking a practice breath or trying to drink some of the juice flavored amniotic fluid (since they made me drink a juice there). Oh.. I didn't mention she was sleeping the whole time, did i? She was. She would not wake up regardless of the juice and some moving and belly shaking from me and the tech. Deep little sleeper!

Things are still going well comfort wise. I've had some round ligament pain (stretching feeling in the lower tum tum) but something I just realized this week is that my back pain has gone away for the most part. Overactive days make it hurt a little bit but nothing like before so that's a success. I've also been getting more throat burn which I'm pretty sure is normal. Other than that.. things are still going easily.

I'm still living it up in normal clothing (other than jeans) and hope it continues. Still no news on the coat front but Alex is excited that he gets another coat.

I wish I could say I worked on Nursery Projects this past weekend but alas.. I did not. I did however buy some awesome stuff to make some christmas decor (pinterest style) and will share those as well. I need to get my booty in gear though with the other roman shade (I finally have more fabritac now) and the other projects I'm working on. When the weather is cooler and it gets darker earlier it just makes me want to relax under my super soft blanket on the couch. I'll work on it though!

11 weeks to go! Can't believe Thanksgiving and Christmas will be mixed in there somewhere!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sunday Celebration

Sunday we celebrated Alex's mom's (Charmayne's) 60th birthday!

It began with a delicious brunch at The Stone Barn in Kennett Square followed by a visit to Longwood Gardens followed by a selection of appetite satisfiers and dessert at Nick & Laurel's apartment in Newark.

We had a great time of course and I should've taken a picture at brunch and at Nick & Laurel's but I didn't have the camera out, we were too busy having fun, obviously.

We did however take lots of pictures at Longwood Gardens so here they are! It was mum weekend or something of the sort so there were tons of different kinds of chrysanthemums in the conservatory. There was snow on the ground outside so pictures of the outdoors are limited. Enjoy!


Also celebrating 35 years of marriage on this day

Our favorites :)

Spider Mums

Sweet parasol design on the ceiling

My favorite mums, I don't know their technical name.

Laurel & Nick

Passion Flower Vine