Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zavier at Four Months!

Look who has stats this month!!

Weight- 18 lbs 7 oz
Length- 27.5"

He still eats every three-ish hours. He's a hungry little boy! And I'm sure this contributes to his weight above. But luckily he's proportionate and so he's not too chubby looking quite yet. He's a pretty distracted nurser other than in the middle of the night, luckily.

His napping is pretty sub-par. I tried crib training him a bit but he wouldn't sleep for long which meant his nights were worse. So I went back to holding him for 15-20 mins and then putting him down. Really it all depends on Scarlett. If she's in the mood to make trouble during his nap, and I have to get up and chase her around or remove her from certain areas it affects Zavier's nap. But I'm back to trying to crib train from the beginning and I'm hoping he gets used to it! :) He naps 4 times a day and goes to bed around 8pm waking about every three hours until he awakens around 7. He takes some of his best naps in his car seat when I go places like target or lunch with my mom. Something about Mimi always puts him to sleep and he stays asleep!

He has gotten a lot more active this month whether it's kicking his legs and scootching on the activity mat. He also rolled from his back to his belly! Now at the beginning of his fifth month, he's rolling all around. So now I can't leave him on the couch and have to strategically place him on the floor.

He's very easy to make smile and he started laughing this month. It can brighten any bad spot in a day and I just love it!

I am the only one who can put him to bed at night. He allows Alex to do naps but he will cry his tiny head off at night. Sometimes he takes 10 minutes to go to sleep and sometimes it's an hour. I remember this phase with Scarlett and cannot wait until we're past it and falling asleep easier!

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