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Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's November! and i'm already behind

I cannot believe it's November 1st. This year has flown by and soon it will be over.

I'm behind on a couple things already.. Scarlett's 9 month post and the background on my Tastefully Simple constultantship (i just made up that word, yes!) I will be writing posts on each of these things tonight hopefully.

This week has been filled with work it seems, despite Hurricane Sandy making it's way through on Monday and Tuesday and closing lots of businesses. I guess that's the beauty (and curse) of being able to access email from home. I am also working tomorrow, which is something I don't normally do, so I can try to get a handle on my to-do list, which is endless.. literally.

This weekend we don't have much going on, which will be very nice considering the week we just had and the upcoming week we're going to have. I do enjoy being busy though and it makes things exciting for Scarlett (and Alex too) I hope.

Maybe we'll get around to carving the pumpkins we bought a couple weeks ago! ha!!!

I will leave you with a couple of images of Scarlett's halloween costume from my iphone. The headband wouldn't stay on during the day but she was distracted enough by other things in the evening to keep it on for a couple pictures!!

Have a happy Thursday and look out for a couple more posts coming soon! Possibly a video of Scarlett laughing while reading, if I can figure out how to upload it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

iPhone Photo Adventures

This was last weekend in pictures!
1. Scarlett recreating a photo I took of her cousin Makayla around the same age
2. Ethiopian with the Ney Family.. meeting Isaac for the first time!
3. She loved watching him, giggling, etc. Isaac is super handsome!
4. Just relaxing, reading a book at the restaurant, refusing to sit in the high chair
5. The grub. Addisu is the spot. Hit it up if you're looking for local yet authentic cuisine.
6. Watching the parade in front of our house
7. The classic cards were cool, plus everyone threw candy at us, Score!
8. Barnstormers game picture with Makayla. It was chilly in the shade.. brrr!
9. Picture with Aunt Jessica, gorgeous gals!
10. Sunday morning walking practice. She made it to the exersaucer!
11. Just lounging, drinking some water.
12. My first attempts at felt flowers. Moving onto more designs soon!

Hope you had a nice weekend as well!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day via iPhone

Waffles for Breakfast! Only the best!

Fresh picked Roses from the bush outside! (from Scarlett)

Fresh picked Iris from outside! (from Alex)

Little bit of fuss.. excuse my face please! :)

Homemade stromboli for lunch!

Some champagne with a splash of Peach Mango V8 splash! Yum!

I have some more pictures to share from our actual camera in our little backyard photo shoot which i'll put into another post!

My first official Mother's Day was very nice. Very relaxing! Alex made homemade waffles for breakfast, I snuggled a lot with Scarlett and held her most times she napped (other than her morning nap), we laid outside under a tree for a while, Alex made stromboli for lunch which was delicious!, we popped some bubbly, I made risotto for dinner and Alex added in some collards for good measure, we relaxed indoors and played with Scarlett all day.

Scarlett has been teething, or whatever the beginning stages of teething are so she wasn't happy all the time. We wanted to go take a walk somewhere but the logistics were difficult to plan around Scarlett's cat nap schedule, or non-schedule really. So relaxing at home was the best idea and we took full advantage.

I hope everyone who is a mother or a mother to be had a fantastic day filled with love!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

iPhone Photo Adventures v2

Scarlett and Evander :: Scarlett and Da :: Scarlett and Makayla
Garden flowers :: Scalloped Potatoes :: Yummy Coconut Water
She loves sleeping with things on or close to her or with mommy!
And the red eyes begin!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

iPhone Photo Adventures :: v1

I take a ton of pictures with my iPhone, so I figured I should start putting some of them on the blog for other people's viewing pleasure. I use Instagram a lot to post photos to facebook, my apologies if you see duplicates on this here blog but some of them are just too cute not to use!

 Mostly Scarlett but one picture of a ton of starlings that were in the yard and tree's. I took a video for Alex so he could hear them. It was insane how loud they were. When I opened the front door, they all flew away which I got a couple pictures of as well. Crazy!